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Double Chocolate Macarons Recipe

Surely just those three words are enough to have any gourmet, or for that matter gourmand, salivating. Macaron, as opposed to macaroon, are the delicate meringue based confection made ground almonds, sandwiched together with a cream, buttercream, chocolate ganache or fruit purée. 447 more words


My First Weeks in France: Part 1

It has been almost three weeks now since I left Kansas once again for France. I’m now nearly all settled in Toul, a small town outside of the larger city of Nancy, and starting my new job as an English teaching assistant at the local high school and middle school. 1,197 more words

Congratulations on being awesome at sumo! Have a giant macaron!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, nor is the above image an extraordinary work of Photoshop. That is a giant, green macaron, and it is being presented as a prize for the runner-up of a sumo championship in Japan. 116 more words


A sweet Japan: 2012

Japan is no doubt, a food lover’s heaven, be it in search of savoury delights or of sweet decadence. One of my motivations to travel to Japan was to visit one of the many Pierre Herme boutiques, boasting 11 locations throughout the country. 636 more words


Happy Sunday!

A few of yesterday’s snapshots. It was Nuit Blanche, where all the museums of Paris are open all night and there are many exhibitions around the city, like this one being set up in Hotel de Ville. 186 more words

Lifestyle Snaps

Let us eat cake! - Paris Patisseries

I have a weakness for sweets, and nobody does them better than the Parisians, with their delicate, perfectly balanced treats that you eat with your eyes as much as with your mouth. 1,061 more words


Hong Kong Travelogue: Just Food

I went to Hong Kong last week with my sis and other than going food hunting, I also got to meet up with a few of my Hong Kong Instagram friends like Ivan, Minnie and Bonnie. 280 more words