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If you want more news from First Look Media's The Intercept, you're going to have to wait

As the eagle-eyed investigative journalists at Pando Daily recently noted, there hasn’t exactly been an outpouring of new material from The Intercept — the high-profile First Look Media property that includes… 794 more words



Caught with their hand in the technology cookie-jar again!

Joe McSpedon, employee of  USAID and probably some other American government agency, has just been ‘outed’ for trying to destabilize Cuba with a Twitter-like service called ‘ 426 more words

First Look Media Negotiating Space at L&L's 114 Fifth Avenue

New online news venture First Look Media is negotiating a full-floor lease at L&L Holdings‘ redeveloped office tower 114 Fifth AvenueCommercial Observer… 295 more words

State of the media: Not out of the woods by any means, but some reasons for cautious optimism

In its annual review of the media industry in the United States — which it published online early Wednesday morning — the Pew Research Center says the news business looks somewhat healthier than it has in past years, thanks in part to an influx of new investors and new jobs being offered by rapidly-growing digital-native entities like Vox and First Look Media. 758 more words

Putin's Place in the New World Order: Podcast of March 15 Show

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

Here is US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland reporting to Chevron/Exxon that she impressed upon Ukraine’s President Yanukovich the importance of him working with the EU and the IMF. 208 more words

Fail Very Fast!


Reading this book recently, I found most of the hugely successful entrepreneurs in the book have tried usually 2-4 businesses in the past before landing at their current opportunity that made them billionaires, except for the Google guys (Sergey Brin, Larry Page). 330 more words

Start-ups, Funding & Businesses In Nigeria

The documents that alleged Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with US government

Original Source : Pando By Mark Ames On February 28, 2014

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Окремі напрямки роботи в рамках кампанія «Фільтруй Раду!» очолювали ініціатори руху:

Escalation / Destabilization Conflict