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Pierre Omidyar Bought Franklin Foer Twitter Followers

First Look Media owner and billionaire Pierre Omidyar may have been tight-fisted when it came to budget requests like cabs and office supplies, but The Racket, the First Look Media publication that never was, still secured some cash to finance their  439 more words

Change.org Raises $25 Million From A-List Investment Round

Online petition company Change.org has raised $25 million in new venture capital funding from a group of A-list technologists and media celebrities. It is the third round of outside investment for Change.org, whose CEO Ben Rattray continues to say that the San Francisco-based company will never sell nor go public. 265 more words

eBay's way

In Zig Ziglar’s book See You at the Top, he tells a story of visiting a friend’s house for dinner. The cook brought out biscuits as she usually does, but this time the biscuits were as flat as a pancake.  655 more words


First Look Media has forgotten the number one rule of startups

When you start with a commitment of $250 million before you even have a website, it’s probably inevitable that expectations will be dashed at some point, but First Look Media — the brave new journalism venture financed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar — has gone from promise to disappointment in record time. 961 more words

Blog Postmortem: learning from the billionaire journalism model

At least Matt Taibbi is writing again. He’s back with Rolling Stone, where he published ‘The $9 Billion Witness,’ an excellent account of Alayne Fleishman, the whistleblower JPMorgan Chase and the DOJ tried to silence: 2,189 more words

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First Look Media Officially Kills Racket

First Look Media is officially killing Racket, Matt Taibbi’s digital magazine that never was, the company announced this morning:

Since Matt Taibbi’s departure, we’ve been working with the team he hired to consider various options for launching a project without him.

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