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America's Got Talent: Cool it on the "joke" acts

I’ve watched America’s Got Talent for five seasons, and it seems like “joke acts” are put through every year on purpose.

From 2010 to 2013, we’ve seen… 340 more words

The Way I See It...

Opinion: The End of My White Guilt by Mark Judge

 Hearing the kumbaya song from my liberal friend, I immediately thought of a phrase Piers Morgan had recently used when he was debating the tiresome black liberal journalist Touré about the Trayvon Martin case. 378 more words


Piers Morgan, what were you thinking?

Piers Morgan, the former CNN gab host and the terror of Twitter, is constantly getting into tweet tangles with his foes over this and that. But this time he’s gone too far! 274 more words


Piers Morgan Interview On Arsenal Fan TV

Piers Morgan spoke, in a three part interview, with Robbie from Arsenal Fan TV. The two Arsenal enthusiasts touched on a number of topics from Summer transfers signings of Mario Balotelli & Sami Khedira, picking Dennis Bergkamp over Thierry Henry as the best ever Arsenal player and more. 14 more words


Hollywood remembers actor James Garner

Many stars are taking to Twitter to remember the star of Maverick and The Notebook, (among many other TV series and films) James Garner, who died at age 86: 540 more words


'I was shocked': Josh Groban isn't singing Obama's praises after those #MH17 remarks

As Twitchy reported, Piers Morgan (yes, that Piers Morgan) blasted President Obama’s remarks about the Malaysia Airlines crash. Singer Josh Groban, who, like Morgan, is  174 more words

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'The end is near': What on earth could make Dana Loesch agree with Piers Morgan?

When you’ve lost Piers Morgan. ccwc.me/1pfaDcV
Charles C. W. Cooke (@charlescwcooke) July 17, 2014

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while …

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