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The Air It Sits

The air sets in on the weary minded
Water beads on the skin of the saint
Soaks their lusts, blankets their sin

Breezeless, dank, bound and pinned… 140 more words


"A Believer Eats With One Part Of Seven" (Ramadan Prep Pt 2)


• The linguistic meaning of fasting is to abstain
• Fasting is Siyaam, verb is saama, yasoom (conscious choice not to involve one’s self in certain things) 487 more words


G is for *Ghosti

*Ghosti is a concept we hear a lot about in ADF. (The asterisk is used to denote that it is not an attested word, but instead is a linguistically reconstructed word from the Proto-Indo-European language.) Our English words “guest” and “host” both come from this word. 515 more words


Is It Good Because?

In his post, “Is Atheism Irrational? Be Careful How You Argue,” Walter points out a statement from intelligent design proponent, Michael Egnor, regarding the need for transcendent reality for Objective Moral Truth. 1,066 more words


Saturday, third week of Lent


Blessed Saturday!

Entrance Antiphon:
Bless the Lord, O my soul, and never forget all His benefits;
it is He who forgives all your sins. 175 more words

Lent 2014 (Year A)

A'isha bint Abi-Bakr: A Legacy Partially Told

Tradition has it that once the Prophet Muhammad had intended to marry a beautiful tribal woman. A’isha along with Hafsa prepared the bride for her wedding night, combing her hair and reddening her hands with henna. 1,016 more words