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14 Baby Berkshires

Today has dawned like a beautiful spring day.  Much, much better than the beginning of the week.  Pig-farmer left for Missouri last night, after checking the pigs.   67 more words

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Birth day for Berkshire Piglets

The babies started arriving early this morning.  Pig-farmer was home and on duty.  (Whew…)

There are 10 little piggies.  So far.

{UPDATE!  Pig-farmer just came in and said there are now 14!   189 more words

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Fun with PicMonkey

For Sunday evening entertainment, I chose a few pictures I’ve taken recently to edit on http://www.PicMonkey.com.  It’s kinda fun.

What do you think?

Oh!  Mustn’t forget Pig-farmer.   20 more words

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Pig-farmer: the man, the myth, the legend

This is my handsome husband:

This is pig-farmer:

They are one … but not necessarily the same. Hubby dresses up for his “day” job.  Pig-farmer wears the rattiest clothes known to man. 557 more words

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49+ women die, nobody cares

I grew up hearing the occasional factoid about Robert Pickton: multimillionaire, pig farmer and serial killer. The trial was in full swing when I was too young to really take notice and, although the story entered Canadian pop culture, I was vague on the details. 982 more words

April Showers

The sky cleared for me to do morning chores.  Thank you.

Yet, it is April … and the showers will bring May flowers:


And, of course, May flowers will bring: 58 more words

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Happy St. Pat's Day

Good morning!  No, this isn’t the sunrise; it’s the moon-set:

Beautiful!!  I love, love, love the full moon.  I wish it wouldn’t have been cold and windy last night.   271 more words

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