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Trial run with the new insoles!

I finally ran tonight with my new insoles! Just a short little 7 miler. I realize 7 miles really isn’t short, but after these last 15 & 17 milers, 7 miles felt like nothing! 307 more words

my favorites: how to use a block

It wasn’t love at first sight, because I didn’t want to be dependent on them, but I’ve grown to love props. I think they’re fun, like little mini yoga friends who just want to help and play. 309 more words

Relaxagram Day 3 - Pigeon

Day 3 of relaxagram is Pigeon. This challenge is making me want props hard core. I love doing pigeon bowed forward and so decided to do something different. 7 more words


Friday Five

It’s Friday! I vote that we hit the ground running. Five things that just trickled out of my brain:

1. Teaching:

I’ve been at professional development all week. 405 more words


Hips Don't Lie.

And mine are screaming at me.

I’ve been running and spinning a lot more than usual, and my hips are definitely feeling the pain. To help ease the discomfort, I’ve incorporated a lot of hip work in my yoga classes this week. 418 more words