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Unlocking the Pelvis: A Hips and Hamstrings Workshop

 An interview with Vera Ginsburgs by Alane Goldberg and Kate DeRosa Howell

It is said that the hips hold our negative emotions and stress, in addition to the already burdensome task of supporting the entire weight of the torso. 958 more words

And This is Why I Hate Yoga

I had a credit at a store so I ordered a yoga DVD.

I love the idea of yoga. The reality is different.

Let’s start with the one that sounds easy: 330 more words


Standing Pigeon To Flying Pigeon Pose (Infographic)

Brought to us by the ever so talented Yoga By Candace! It is a must to checkout her site. She makes excellent infographics 8 more words

Practice: Eka Pada Raj Kapotasana

Eka = One       Pada = foot       Raja = King or ‘royal’       Kapota = Pigeon       Asana = Pose or ‘seat’

A pretty deep hip-opener; pigeon pose can feel like a… 701 more words

Doing the pigeon in Trafalgar Square

The pigeon is not only an animal but also a yoga pose which I got to do in Trafalgar Square. It was all made possible when I took part in a flash mob (I’ve ticked that off the old bucket list). 411 more words


Three Tips For A Better Pigeon Pose

Pigeon pose seems to be the quintessential yoga hip opener. While it may be tempting to just flop into the pose and hang out there yin style, a much more profound experience can be had with a little alignment. 323 more words

Workshop Wednesdays

The Occupational Hazards of Being A Mary

Ok, so I am not trying to make this a Biblical blog, but I felt it was only fair to pick up where I left off  815 more words