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Pigs are herd animals.  They all have individual personalities, clear likes and dislikes.  Yet they do not like to be alone.  They will talk to each other, fight with each other even bicker for the favored sleeping position in the hut.  173 more words

Farm Life

7 Chickens And A Piglet

I had a lovely day out at Swansea’s Community Farm today. I managed to steal a couple of small relatives for a day or two and took them up to the farm’s summer playscheme. 129 more words


Piglet family at 5 weeks of age

Maybelline’s piglets are eating solid food now and mimicking their mama in every way, from grazing on the hay to cooling off in the pool. They love people and will even get up from a nap to come over and greet you. 58 more words


Cute, Little Piglets - Need I Say More?

As promised here are the photos of our piglets!!!

Having a suckle

Move over!

This is my favourite photo. Miss Piggy has her head buried in the straw – too funny… 190 more words

The Chef And The Waitress

And Then There Was A Bun In The Oven...Well More Than One Actually

So Miss Piggy is pregnant. And she is ready to pop. And we didn’t realise. And we’re going to Europe in a month. Yep.

The thing is she’s been appearing to come into season every three weeks. 160 more words

The Chef And The Waitress

Day 37: McLean County Fair

I took the girls to the McLean County Fair today!

We looked through all the exhibits!

Making dough out of dish soap and corn starch. 50 more words