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Roast pork chow mein using the last of the leftover pork

That lovely porky delight just keeps giving!

This was using up the last of it.. It made four good tubs.. Which meant a pal got to share in the joy of porky noodley goodness.. 137 more words

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Roast pork & potato croquettes

What’s the best thing about roasting ‘ high’? (meaning to cook more of a roast than you needed at the time..)..


This outing of leftovers is a fave.. 178 more words

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Roast pork supper

Roast pork ..

If you don’t dig pork turn over now..

Inspired by my attorney who was having a bit of a pre-Christmas thing as the countdown has now begun .. 195 more words

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Tuna steak , French beans and potatoes

Tuna steak..


Not like.. Real steak??

Nope.. The fish variety..

Marinated in Bharat spices

Wonderful new potatoes .. I forget the type yet very good and not those nasty. 77 more words

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Old school food (not educational)..

This is old school food.. Sometimes there just ain’t no school like old school..

Why whoop this up?

To pass onto Grandfather Fitz.. Mama is going up to spend a little time with him so food gifts are the best gifts.. 292 more words

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ILRI stresses need for sustainable use of animal genetics at high-level Southeast Asia agriculture symposium

The Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) recently held the 2nd international conference on Agricultural and Rural Development in Southeast Asia (ARD2014) on 12-13 November 2014 in Manila, Philippines. 349 more words


Mexico City eating.. I need to cook..

I’m getting the ‘haven’t cooked for while’ itch.. Even maybe it’s becoming a scratch… Annoying..

The food is also starting to grate me a little… I gotta refocus.. 270 more words