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Long chorizo sarnie=#latenitesnacking

You gotta love a late night snack..

That snack that says… I love you too..

This is for sure one of them..

Not the pint pot of icecream that I must admit to enjoying in the quiet hours… (Every now and then..) (honest)… 148 more words

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An almost vegan supper..


Yeah I had some great chorizo with mine do I guess that throws it out right?

But in essence this was a vegan supper.. … 153 more words

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Rasta kebabs ? Lebanesey flat bread

Why call these Rasta kebabs?

Well I was going to call the Rasta-bation kebabs yet though that was a bit rude sounding.. All though they have been ‘basted’.. 224 more words

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No bean chilli and iberico pork fat breads

No bean chilli?


It’s pretty easy really.. We are out if beans.. So that means a meatier number instead.. Ho-Humm…

Now I am not going to get into fantastic details nor talk about the myriad of what should shouldn’t go into chilli’s and all that.. 315 more words

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Pig pig pig pig pig pig pig

After a full day of recovering from Summer Ball 2014 (the event does run 6pm-6am to be fair…) and the horrible task of leaving Froghole Farm for the final time, I traversed South to Suffolk for my two week pig placement. 1,202 more words

Vet Student

Doner kebob/kebab/gyros and chips please..

Sometimes you just can’t beat a great fake-away..

And this seriously takes some beating!

First the mix.. Gone for pork and beef as I have a pal that doesn’t do lamb too well and I wanted to give them some also.. 253 more words

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Spring rolls and Padron peppers

These spring rolls are so easy and tasty it’s shocking!

A good quality bag of stir fry veg.. snip snip snip scissors through it to stop it being so chunky .. 203 more words

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