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Scottish style supper ( wasn't great!)..

Having missed burns night.. My attorney made haggis .. He sent me a kit also with the OX bung and all yet I didn’t get time to go to the butchers for the meats.. 248 more words

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Doner kebab, gyros, kebob,fake-away of course!

Ok.. First thing is that this is not actually on a rotisserie so there is no spinning or turning. Which is indeed where the actual name comes from.. 258 more words

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12 hour roast pork & veg brown rice & ranch coleslaw wraps

TWELVE hours.. Yup it’s an all nighter..

One where you keep waking up sniffing the air wondering if it’s time to get up yet..(i suppose if you didn’t like roast porky goodness then it may offend.. 283 more words

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Meats in the Christian Diet

When many think of medieval Christian culture, they think of feasts with tables full of roasts and hams, but the rule of St. Benedict, which laid the principles for the establishment of medieval Catholic culture, advised Christians to pass on the meats: 210 more words

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Italian sausage casserole? With gratin

Why the question mark?

Because I am not sure if this actually is a casserole?

Let me tell you and then we can decide?

Cool.. … 213 more words

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Pig Kahuna by Jennifer Sattler (2011)

Fergus and his baby brother, Dink, like to collect treasures at the beach.  It works well, collecting things off the sand, as long as Fergus doesn’t have to go in the water, he doesn’t like the “lurking, murky ickiness” hiding in there. 129 more words


Homemade scotch eggs & sausage rolls

Bring out the classics!!

Sausage rolls as we all know are the schizzle.. These were up to scratch..

Using some of those orange ticketed items! … 368 more words

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