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I cracked! (Cooking in Kinsale )

Got cooking pains me.. I get withdrawal symptoms.. Like a shaky shivery skinny person .. Waiting for ‘the man’.. And my attorney sent me a mail about the delicious sounding lamb dish he slow cooked yesterday.. 378 more words

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Hotel breakfast & store finds + friend cake

What is it about staying in hotels that mean that you eat far more than you should do first thing in the morning?

I am lucky enough to have experienced hotel offerings around the globe.. 356 more words

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Over here in Eire

Its been a very sad visit this time around to the Emerald Isle .. My wife’s Father passed away .. Wonderfully proud/lump in throat moments including an amazing guard of honour through his village .. 140 more words

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More free-range pork for sale

The other 2 Oxford Sandy and Black pigs went to slaughter yesterday, again a sad moment. Those 2 had such a lovely personality and temper, it was a pleasure looking after Spotty and Chris.  51 more words


Baked spuds, miso butter , maple bacon, sour cream & herbs

I just had to write that title out that long..


Because I have to say that this supper was one of my favourite foods I think I have had the the pleasure in enjoying eating in a good while.. 184 more words

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Mr Fitz chow mein and porky thingy

After long discussions with a pal about the joys if chow mein I just had to knock one up!

Chow mein is a wonderful dish.. And by rights should be real simple to make.. 309 more words

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Help ! Required and pulled pork sandwiches

Help is required please!

And who better to ask than my virtual party people at fiesta friday!

Ok.. I just cannot get corn tortillas to work for me.. 260 more words

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