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Grab a snack, pull up a chair and enjoy the circus!

We often laugh and say our farm-life is like a circus. We really don’t need to travel far from our farm for our laughter or entertainment. 348 more words

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I’ve always liked the story of Jesus healing the man possessed by many demons (Legion). It appears in the three synoptic, or similar, Gospels: Mark (5:1-20), Matthew (8:28-34), and Luke (8:26-39). 506 more words


Can you do without a weather report?

I have been considering doing without a weather report as my next personal challenge.  But maybe not. At least not in the Mid Western Winter. There is some kind of storm in the offing for tonight but we will see.   686 more words


p i g m a n

p i g m a n

yee haw industries.com   – – –   illustration by sean star wars

Pig, Hog, Swine

Why is it that in America on just about every menu pork is at the top of the menu? Bacon, bacon, bacon everybody loves bacon! No not everybody! 657 more words


I have decided to create pictures on Paint and post them here. So here’s a picture! 11 more words


four poems

elephant tea party

the tea room is actually pretty big,
it just feels small because it’s full of elephants.
the elephants sit in a circle, silent. 353 more words

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