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L is for Late Nights in the Hog Pen

After weeks of waiting, we are back on piglet watch, this time in the newly designed and constructed hog hut. We’ve had terrible troubles with our sows panicking during farrowing and then lashing out at what they perceive to be the cause of their pain – their new piglets. 653 more words


Why are Pork Prices Rising?

The look on my Farmers face was concerned, defeated, exhausted and discouraged. He walked in the door and I knew instantly what was wrong. His hogs had caught the virus. 410 more words

Life In General

A nice day out

On Sunday we went out. We abandoned the weeding, watering, sowing and digging and instead had a happy series of visits around the Lincolnshire Fens and Wolds. 402 more words

Time 2 Pig OUT, Polly!

C.O. would like to extend special (belated) Fourth Birthday Wishes to Polly The Prosh Porkster, a resident of Edgar’s Mission Down Undah! That’ll do Pig, that’ll do!

Drop felony charges against Gary D. Young

On Feb 2, Joquan Wallace, a student at Paris High School in Paris Texas, asked and got permission from his teacher to use the restroom. Joquan was profiled and followed by the school police officer Joey McCarthy. 277 more words