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So i'm in Italy...

Italy is awesome.
Me, my brother and my two aunties are spending five days here…


All Essays are Equal...But Some Are More Important than Other: A Second Look At Pork

Let’s talk about bacon.

In the beginning of Animal Farm Old Major begins the founding of Animalism with an observation of the oppressors of animals. 1,681 more words

The strong take


The strong take; the weak are taken. A fundamental fact that Verche knew to be true. An apophthegm he lived his life by. Growing up on the streets of Grottes, and then rising up through the ranks of the NeoMafia. 630 more words


My Son - A Man in the Making

This past week we have been heavily involved in the Kalkaska County Fair.  We raise pigs for the kids to auction, and my daughter also has a dog she shows and does horseback riding as well.  1,504 more words

Watering The Pigs by Garden Designy

Watering the Pigs
July 26th, 2014
I’ve been wanting to acquire a button pig waterer for a even though now and just got close to to ordering it.   48 more words

Love Animals; Live Compassion

A happy little piggy, who deserves to grow up to be a happy big-boy piggy.


Interview with Mary Schanz at Ironwood Pig Sanctuary!


Sorry to bother you twice in one day–on a Friday, no less; but I’m super-stoked to share with you the enclosed interview I’ve just finalized with… 3,164 more words