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Piggy goes Oink

A piggy’s sty is a turn-off indeed.
Pig’s act like their name implies.
A pig is just a pig that is why.
All you get is what you see. 85 more words


Who Wants A Little Piglet?

While it’s not time to say goodbye to mom just yet, these little piglets will be ready for a new home sometime soon. Perhaps that new home is your home? 96 more words

Jular's Hillside Farm

Parting out Porky takes practice...

Okay,  in keeping with our “Homestead Helpers” theme, here’s  another food source that you can grow in your yard.

There was a bit of outrage at my suggestion yesterday that you should eat “Rabbit Sausages” instead of pork. 530 more words



Dentally Challenged.

That’s me – after spending way too long in a dentist’s chair yesterday getting three permanent crowns in.  Which did not stop me selling… 174 more words


Brief encounter

The hens often look wistfully through the fence that divides them and the three Oxford Sandy & Blacks. It’s not that the grass is greener – in fact, the pig run is mostly covered in thistles, nettles, comfrey and the occasional bramble – there’s barely a blade to be seen. 526 more words


excuse my language but these fuckers really annoy me

Okay i wanted to clear out my name so much because i am freaken annoyed.
I am working at a retail store , got boys got girls got men got ladies. 240 more words


Our relationship with bacteria

Another very important thing I didn’t write about earlier is bacteria.

Over the last ten years or so we’ve all gotten terribly afraid of them, and that’s no wonder. 403 more words