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Sweetcorn Pikelets

Sweetcorn is in season at the moment and it is delicious! These little pikelets (pikelets – think little American pancake style spongey fritters) are great for a lazy afternoon nibble. 149 more words

British & American

Spicy Pumpkin Pikelets

My Favourite Pikelets

I have made several different piketets since I started this blog. The best description for a pikelet is a “Miniature Fluffy Pancake… 690 more words


Jerry Joy

Perched in a pocket of Thornbury with a burgeoning food reputation – watch out Northcote – is Jerry Joy, a spanking new eatery living in the bones of a revived Kitschen Pantry. 591 more words


Mini Pikelets

This was so much fun…Nanny Ju Ju had more enjoyment seeing the little charges butter and jam their mini pikelets than they did! Mini knives and mini containers for the jam and butter made up a yummy spread for afternoon tea that day. 37 more words


Currant and Lime Pikelets

My Favourite Pikelets

Perhaps you call them Zante currants or Corinthian raisins or simply currants the way I’ve always known them. They have nothing to so with the black, red or white currants from the genus… 489 more words


Dripping, oatcakes, pikelets and Scotch pancakes

Dripping is the fat which drips from roasted meat… as simple as that. In past times when people had to make use of everything they had, and when there wasn’t the ridiculous and wasteful amount of choice in shops, dripping was used for frying, baking, cooking and on bread or toasted items. 498 more words

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