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Hot Buttered Crumpets

The wee boy and I have had one of those days where, although there has been quite a bit to do, we have taken it all at a very leisurely pace.   263 more words

Basics - Pancakes (Drop Scones)

Pancakes are one of those things that always seem special, no matter how they are served.

They really aren’t all that difficult to make, but may require some time on your feet and rather a lot of patience while you get your pan sorted out. 1,057 more words

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Self care in the mornings...

When your week has been long and you’re working through the weekend too, this is how to start the day. :) Eaten with apricot jam or lemon and sugar, in the garden, with gorgeous company! 7 more words

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Pikelets are delicious. Tasty little circles of heaven, topped with whatever your heart desires. I like mine topped freshly whipped cream and raspberry jam, while my husband prefers plum jam, and my son tops his with butter and golden syrup. 232 more words

New Zealand


Growing up in New Zealand, Pikelets, similar to a cute little pancake, were a very common breakfast and snack food. I was excited to share these adorable childhood treats with my own kids. 127 more words