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Shigeru Miyamoto announces the results of the Pikmin drawing event on Miiverse

Some of the best Pikmin drawings on Miiverse made with Art Academy: SketchPad. http://t.co/EavsZqhKw7

— DePapier (@NintendObserver) December 15, 2014

“The Gold Prize in our event goes to…くらげ!”

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Shigeru Miyamoto Names "Pikmin Spotted" Drawing Contest Winners On Miiverse

Pikmin creator Shigeru Miyamoto has announced the winners of the “Pikmin Spotted” drawing contest held on Miiverse last month. The talented director and producer had… 109 more words


Pikmin 3 review

I think it goes without saying at this point that the Wii U had one of the most underwhelming launch windows of any console to come from Nintendo. 2,437 more words


Pikmin Themes - Japanese Overview Trailers

The Pikmin themes are already available on the Nintendo 3DS Theme Store. http://t.co/WXMB24x3Rs

— DePapier (@NintendObserver) December 3, 2014

Pikmin and a Hungry Bulborb:

Pikmin Working Together:

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SBox Recommends: Pikmin Short Movies

The movie industry nowadays is filled to the brim with adaptations, remakes, and sequels. Hollywood has left not a single stone unturned when it comes to potential adaptation sources. 1,080 more words

My little friends made it big as 3DS stars!

The Pikmins made it big in their own short movies that you can download on the 3DS. Did you see their adventures? Adorable as ever. And now they made it big as homescreen stars on the 3DS too! 232 more words

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