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A quick one-shot on how Olimar came to find Bulbie, the family dog.

Inspired by a comment from captain-baralimar.

The sorriest excuse of a dog I have ever laid eyes upon is our old, faithful companion, Bulbie. 1,448 more words

Stress and video games

Games are supposed to be an escape, like delving into a good book or enjoying a movie with family and friends. But then…life happens and you cannot find the time to fit in some personal time. 426 more words

Gamer Poetry

falling stars

A fairly lengthy “drabble” (2,000+ words) on Olimar’s children and his love for them, from his point of view.


We are all borne of stars. 2,094 more words

Been playing: Pikmin 3

Better than Pikmin, but not as good as Pikmin 2; that’s Pikmin 3.  It looks and plays almost exactly like the other series entries, which is a little disappointing, since there was a nine-year, two-console gap in the series.  195 more words

Pikmin 3

Old friends and foes alike

Pikmin 3 is the long awaited sequel to the Pikmin franchise, originally on the GameCube the series has now made its way to the WiiU. 1,358 more words


Review - Pikmin 3

After finishing Pikmin 2 back in 2004, I was left for a hunger for more Pikmin, but sadly, I had already cleared all of the content in the first Pikmin games. 606 more words


shopping for baby

” ‘Captain Adorable!’ Ha!… What? It’s funny because I’m a captain too… Eh-heh… Ahem…”

since y’all seemed to like that last picture of Olimar and his wife (I call her Mary) so much, here, have another. 26 more words