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Fruit Has Never Before Been This Exciting

I get stressed very easily. You have no idea how much a tough battle freaks me out or the mere thought that I might be unable to progress through a game, causing me to ponder with unease all the fun I might be missing out on if I’m never able to overcome the challenges set before me. 1,008 more words


My First Days with the Wii U

Well, I did it. It’s been a crazy time for me lately. I just got a new cat. And, even more exciting (I kid, or do I?), I finally relented and bought my first console of the current generation. 1,235 more words


Game-a-Week #3 - Pikmin

Poor Kirby, just can’t win… So the winner of this weeks poll is Pikmin, if the giant header image didn’t give that away already.

I’m not entirely new to the franchise, having played a little bit of both this one and Pikmin 3 on the Wii U, but never really in depth, and nowhere near finishing them. 75 more words


Nintendo Monopoly (showcase)

Twitter is a weird and wonderful place. Sure, you get the trolls and the crazies in abundance, but it’s also a great place to meet and talk to other people with similar interests (in my case, writing, fantasy and generally nerdy stuff). 369 more words


My wife got a WiiU...

Ok, so, my wife has had a WiiU for over a year, now. I’ve spent some time with it and… I LOVE IT! You have a choice whether or not to use motion controls. 165 more words

Mass Effect 3


Yes! I ordered the Nintendo 3DS Game Card Case – Pikmin / Super Mario Bros, maybe about two weeks ago! I can’t believe it came in, I’ve been waiting  – every morning I woke up asking my dad if it came in! 191 more words