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Bureaucratic Boondoggle (Murder or Suicide or just a Grand Global Conspiracy?) 1/22/2015

I tried to type this up earlier and my browser crashed so either Time Warner or IE fucked me over, but both are government agents masquerading as legitimate business interests, just like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. 916 more words


I guess you could say we are a dog family as far as pets go. None of us has any particular dislike of any domesticated animal but we just like dogs. 840 more words


Batshit Insane Vol. 7: The Flowers of Romance

The Flowers of Romance is one of the strangest records ever made.  There is barely a guitar or a bass or anything melodic in sight.  It’s drums, percussion, strange sounds, and John Lydon’s wailing voice.   530 more words

Was it something I said?

The other day I had to leave really early in the morning for an early work start. So being a considerate type of chap I said I would sleep on the sofa to avoid disturbing everyone else. 157 more words


Correctly installing PIL with JPEG

So today I tried to download and start playing around with the Python Imaging Library, and I realized that it’s not as easy as downloading it. 339 more words

Image Processing