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Stay Sweaty, Dallas: bodybar Studios

I have been super excited to write about bodybar for quite some time. I am 150% biased when it comes to these workouts and this Pilates studio. 470 more words


Fun & Fit Summer

“Summer time and the living easy…”  famous words and so true!  I know your summer is half way done but it is important to remember a few tips for the best fun and fit summer!! 339 more words

The desk. And choice.

It was 08h45 when I walked past an office window, filled with row-after-row of desks and people staring into computer screens.

I was walking back from a morning Pilates session at the Solarium – where we’d caught the sun coming up and watched cormorants diving for fish. 238 more words


Christy's PowerPilates- Pilates Principle #2 BREATHING

Pilates is focused around moving with the breath.

Thus, making it easier to move with a natural rhythm, allowing the mind and body to fully connect to each other. 235 more words


Chronic pain - the 8 point plan

If you are living with fibromyalgia, arthritis, or any of those other chronic pain diseases, you are going to need to tackle a myriad of underlying issues. 1,513 more words

Chronic Pain

Why 14 Days? Plus a Recipe for Strawberry-Infused Water

We are officially over the hump!  Day 8 of our 14-day water challenge is coming to a close.  So what is the significance of 14? It takes… 528 more words

What is holistic wellness, and how can we acheive it?

Holistic Wellness is feeling free in body, mind and spirit, such as I see represented in this photo. 

It’s the freedom to move, to breathe, to be, and to have a choice in how we do all of these,  how we live in our bodies. 60 more words

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