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Unforeseen circumstances

21 December, 2014        Unforeseen circumstances

When I began this blog post earlier this week, the title was “I cannot tell a lie…”. It was about the fact that I haven’t taken all the pictures on this blog post. 1,168 more words


PP Fauna

Beginning December, 2014, this will be my page for “Fauna” from Pony Pasture in Richmond, VA.

The left hand column has the “common name.” Clicking on that link will go to a blog  post with a photograph I’ve taken of that animal. 79 more words


Pileated Woodpecker in the winter

One of my favorite photos ! Shows a Mid-December Pileated Woodpecker and two holes he dug (both typical elongated Pileated Woodpecker holes). Taken last Sunday morning.

Wild Birds

Birds and trees

14 December, 2014      Birds and trees

What can I say – an uninspired title. I did get a couple of decent pictures this week though. My favorite (possibly a tie) was hiking with Ethan at Bryan Park earlier this week. 1,059 more words


Mendocino, a pileated woodpecker and other birds

The pileated woodpecker is very cautious. He took a long time to come down to the bird feeder.

I think this bird lived up on this branch, but I don’t know what she’s doing now, because there’s a huge storm buffeting the area now. 72 more words


Up in the trees at Circle B Bar Reserve

The usual phoebe.

Juvenile bald eagle up in a dead tree.

What a great face!

Pileated woodpecker climbing up.

Trying to get that berry.

He was across the creek and high up in the trees. 31 more words

Bird Photography

Pileated Woodpecker

Introducing Pileated Woodpecker to the blog:

I will make a confession. I had not gone birding till this morning, since mid-September. I got caught up between assignments, work and some sort of laziness (or not). 58 more words