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Summer's Secret Stories

As I mentioned last time, it’s been a hard season for forest babies: no eaglet, no owlet, no bushtit-lets. After realizing this wouldn’t be the year for any of them, it took a while to recalibrate my attention toward the less conspicuous developments of spring nesting, those subtle clues to smaller dramas. 803 more words


Top 10 Species Rediscovered This Century

A Lazarus species, or taxon, is one which is thought to be extinct, only to reappear. The coelecanth is possibly the most famous example, but this list looks at some of the more recent rediscoveries, to highlight that work is still going on and exciting discoveries are being made all the time. 1,526 more words


July 7, 2014

On morning swamp walk
pileated woodpecker
hitched around a tree.


DNCB Outing No. 2014-26 to Campbell Valley Park

Watch for photos from DNCB Picasa to be added SOON

We had at least 24 DNCBers on our outing this morning to Campbell Valley Regional Park (CVRP) in Langley.  815 more words


Discovering Abundance in Our Own Backyard

It’s 12:20 am when we hear our first bird— a Western Screech-Owl breaking the silence outside Rob’s Palo Alto home. Rob, Josiah and I mount our bikes. 588 more words


Birding on a Hot, Humid Evening

Today was truly a classic Mid-Atlantic summer afternoon – temperatures in the high 90’s, high humidity, and just a bit of a breeze to occasionally take the edge off the heat. 180 more words


Pileated Woodpecker #46

I got this image of a Pileated Woodpecker last year up in the woods behind my home.