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Well, Beau's got the "sugars."

We went to the vet yesterday and found out that Beau, aka Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside aka Beau-Beau aka FOMO aka Mr. Beau Bumpus as he’s known by various factions of his fans, has diabetes. 456 more words


The Guidos:
Most Successful Delivery of an Order-Order Blog Post Into Policy

The nominees are:

  • Douglas Carswell: The People’s EU Bill
  • Andrew Mitchell: Banning international aid towards the Indian Space Programme
  • Francis Maude: Banning full time trade union ‘Pilgrims’
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Technique of Umrah

  •  At the Meeqat, the male pilgrim takes a bath (if possible) and changes his street clothes,  wearing Hajj wardrobe which consists of two pieces of   white plain material .
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The History of Portobelo and the Black Christ

We had an amazing time yesterday on our Historical Tour around Portobelo with our wonderful tour guide Heather. The history of Portobelo is so rich and varied and includes tales of pirates, slaves, ship wrecks, corruption and more. 270 more words

A Lesson in Bread Baking History in Plymouth, Mass.

History is on the menu at the Plimoth Bread Company in Plymouth, Mass. With fall in full swing and Thanksgiving quickly approaching, now is a good time to brush up on our U.S. 290 more words


Some men take great pride in how much they spend, I, however, take great pride in how little I spend.

I remember reading this quote years ago and have always remembered it.  For the life of me I cannot locate where it originated.  My gut tells me either Benjamin Franklin or Henry David Thoreau .  438 more words


The True Origins of Thanksgiving

Autumn has come, the weather has cooled, and the leaves are changing and falling. Thanksgiving is here! (At least here in Canada), and there have been many people who seem to not know, or understand the true, historical facts about the origins of thanksgiving. 530 more words