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From Moats to Yellow Boats

Loving the new injection of colour on the site today – the monopoly by the camouflage colours was getting a bit boring. Things have moved on today with the piles now connected to the bracing, which are now in the yellow structures, which sits on polystyrene (reminds me of Dem Bones!). 20 more words

Month 1 - Aug 18 - Sept 18

The Moat

We have a moat. A moat for a very small house. Wasn’t quite expecting that.

Or, it’s more likely to be the channels for the bracing between each pile – and in this instance these are the piles at the end and middle of the annex. 66 more words

Month 1 - Aug 18 - Sept 18

New Bricks on the Block

These are the closest thing we’ve had to bricks on our site. Excitedly I thought their arrival highlighted that we might be close to brickwork. Wrong. 67 more words

Month 1 - Aug 18 - Sept 18

Hit depilacija sa kristalima Star Silk Pro, Depil Farma Liss

Rukavica sa kristalima

  • Nežno uklanja dlačice
  • Piling kože
  • Nema uraslih dlaka
  • Bez hemikalija
  • Neoštećuje kožu zato se i preporučuje kod osetljive kože
  • Dlačice i do 3 nedelje neizbijaju…
  • 60 more words

Piling Completed - Check!

After expecting the pilers to be with us for weeks, they actually finished today. They were here for only 5 days and that was with a few plumbing & piping issues to try and slow them down. 72 more words

Month 1 - Aug 18 - Sept 18

The Daily Progress Pilgrimage

The daily pilgrimage to check progress has differing levels of impressiveness. Today was at the lower end of the scale. More of a game of ‘spot the difference’ rather than being blown away with how much had been done. 58 more words

Month 1 - Aug 18 - Sept 18

21 Days Later

We have our house back to ourselves this weekend, which is kind of nice, as the piling team don’t work weekends. Whilst none of the teams we’ve had on site have been intrusive, actually they have all been great, it is nice to know that if i want to jump in the car I don’t have to manoeuvre a multitude of different vehicles just to get out of our drive.  110 more words

Month 1 - Aug 18 - Sept 18