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Keep Warm

Protect your lungs from cold weather. Cold can aggravate asthma and bronchitis. Stay out of the cold! Doctors work hard to keep their patients healthy. Patients with pulmonary disease must protect their lungs by staying out of the cold.

Walk in Sunshine

This morning the temperature dropped to 20 degrees. Snow blanketed the Appalachian Mountains. When the weather turns cold we wanted to snuggle inside under a quilt or warm blanket. 48 more words


I cherish the caregivers in my life:

A family member who would drop everything a week before Christmas and fly hundreds of miles to be by my side when I undergo a difficult medical procedure; 942 more words

Chronic Pain

Doctors Take Drug Course

Physicians all over West Virginia will attend a WV Drug Addictions Course Thursday through Friday. at Embassy Suites in Charleston WV. Experts in the field of medication, diversion, and drugs will present information about prescribing practices. 45 more words

Doctors Serve as Public Advocates

Doctors advocate for nonsmoking in restaurants to prevent second hand smoke from hurting the lungs of patrons and children. They advocate for biking and skating helmets to reduce head trauma. 38 more words

Doctors Constantly Educate

Doctors spend half their lives becoming doctors and the other half educating others. They explain heart disease, stroke, and GERD to staff and patients. Most doctors attend the state’s annual medical meeting which helps meet the requirement for 50 hours each licensure period. 41 more words

Doctors Donate Time to Disasters

Teams of doctors made missionary trips to areas of the world rife with disasters. Marshall University sent a team of doctors to Haiti to help with surgical treatment. 49 more words