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Get Immunized

     Immunizations prevent diseases. Children and adults need to keep their immunizations current. In West Virginia childen must be immunized to gain entry into school. There is a highly publicized case in Mingo County about a family who wanted a medical waiver for a child, but it was not granted. 96 more words

Doctors Big Help

     Doctors help their patients take medication correctly. First they explain why a particular medication is needed. Second the doses are reviewed. The doctor instructs the patient how and when a medication should be taken. 68 more words

Substance Abuse is a Medical Problem

     Because doctors study diseases and disorders, they know that substance abuse is a medical problem. It requires medical care, counseling, and behavioral modification. Arresting people has badly failed and not solved the problem of substance abuse. 111 more words

State and Federal Governments are Responsible for America's Increase in Prescription Drug Abuse


America’s dramatic increase in prescription drug abuse has become an obvious problem over the last decade. America’s healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and the like, saw this train wreck coming nearly two decades ago, but were powerless to stop it. 1,887 more words