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Health Insurance

America is one of the few countries that tied health insurance with employment. To keep workers healthy several large companies hired company doctors to care for workers and families. 116 more words

Doctors Care for Patients

Doctors take great care in taking care of patients. Since doctors spend half their lives training to become doctors, they care for their patients’ medical problems. 20 more words

Wash Hands, Prevent Contagious Diseases

Our hands carry germs. When we reach for the salt shaker at Bob Evans, you reach germs placed there by previous patrons. Then you pass them on most time not realizing the transmission. 127 more words

Time for a Flu Shot

It is time to take a flu shot. Make an appointment with your doctor or go to a clinic. Many pharmacies offer flu shots. It will reduce the chance of coming down with the flu. 8 more words

Flu Vaccine

Doctors encourage patients to obtain flu shots to reduce the chance of suffering from influenza. From September through February doctors administer flu shots. Some public health departments administer flu shots in health departments and health fairs. 99 more words

Give Thanks

As we conclude Thanksgiving, we have time to give thanks for our blessings. Many communities are thankful for their fine physicians who spend their lives keeping them healthy. 17 more words

Thanksgiving Can Be Healthy

Doctors recommend eating a healthy diet. Eat Thanksgiving dinner moderately. Eat 3 oz. of turkey, normal portion of peas, and cranberry sauce. Do not stuff yourself. 18 more words