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Doctors Take Drug Course

Physicians all over West Virginia will attend a WV Drug Addictions Course Thursday through Friday. at Embassy Suites in Charleston WV. Experts in the field of medication, diversion, and drugs will present information about prescribing practices. 45 more words

Doctors Serve as Public Advocates

Doctors advocate for nonsmoking in restaurants to prevent second hand smoke from hurting the lungs of patrons and children. They advocate for biking and skating helmets to reduce head trauma. 38 more words

Doctors Constantly Educate

Doctors spend half their lives becoming doctors and the other half educating others. They explain heart disease, stroke, and GERD to staff and patients. Most doctors attend the state’s annual medical meeting which helps meet the requirement for 50 hours each licensure period. 41 more words

Doctors Donate Time to Disasters

Teams of doctors made missionary trips to areas of the world rife with disasters. Marshall University sent a team of doctors to Haiti to help with surgical treatment. 49 more words

Doctors Teach ACLS

Doctors teach ACLS, Advanced Cardiac Life Support sponsored by the AHA. When the American Heart Association first offered ACLS a doctors had to be part of the course. 85 more words

Doctors Contribute to Communities.

Doctors contribute their time and expertise to communities. In WVA one is a volunteer firefighter. Another serves in the reserves. Many work for public health preventing diseases. 25 more words

Doctors Help Build Communities

Doctors are important members of communities. They prevent illness and work to keep people healthy. Whether in an office or at the hospital, doctors dedicate their lives to caring for patients. 45 more words