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Pillow Talk: Releasing Rage and Using Wisdom

We all get angry from time to time and each individual expresses their anger differently. As for me, I will say that, the rage that carried my anger for years, left physical memories in my room and my heart. 562 more words

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Cuddling for Amateurs -- Part 2

Something that I also had to learn was that most of the susurrus that take place during lovemaking do not lend themselves to be said repeatedly and articulated clearly. 460 more words

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Prompt 9/19

For this week’s blog post, you are to develop and support a short argument using Pillow Talk and/or the article “Touch Someone: The Telephone Industry Discovers Sociability” as your main source of evidence. 559 more words


Pillow Talk: True Love Removes Fear

So long as love is imperfect, there is room for fear. The thing that is unknown, yet known to exist, will always be more or less formidable. 113 more words


Pillow Talk: I Need A Hand

This piece by Papberry is exactly I feel at times and I know there are many others like the writer and myself. Hence I saw the need to share this for tonight’s Pillow Talk. 322 more words

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Pillow Talk: Lightism

No man is condemned for anything he has done; he is condemned for continuing to do wrong. He is condemned for not coming out of the darkness, for not coming to the light, the living God, who sent the light, his Son, into the world to guide him home. 277 more words

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Pillow Talk: Darkstruction

If he were a King, a governor, if the only name that described him were, The Almighty, you might well doubt whether there could be light enough in him for you and your darkness. 153 more words

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