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Pillow Talk: Not For The Swift...................... Endure To The End.

There’s  a biblical saying, I’m sure many is familiar with and that says, “The race is not for the swift but for those who endure to the end” and sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this quote. 188 more words

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Pillow Talk - Episode Three

Duke: Why are you so quiet?

Missy: I’m a quiet person when I’m not speaking.

Duke: You look strange.

Missy: Go away, I’m mourning a tragic loss. 587 more words


Pillow Talk: Why Should I Apologize For Being Me?

I know the title can cause many eyebrows to raise, since most times, homosexuals are the ones who would often use sentences like these. However, I write not from the view of a homosexual but a personal issue that I am sure many would be able to relate to. 634 more words

Everyday Living


Sleephazy quiet murmuration
of little songs.
The windows creak
because you haven’t oiled
the hinges in a while.
You like jazz.
Little notes, little cadences… 145 more words

Pillow Talk: Faulty Beings

Come to him with all your weaknesses, all your shames, all your “futilities”, with all your helplessness over your own thoughts; with all your failures, yes the sick sense of having missed the tide of true affairs. 47 more words


Pillow Talk Secrets: She's a One-Man Woman - But Does She Have to Be?


And welcome to another round of Pillow Talk Secrets, in which Malin James, Jade A Waters and I, Tamsin Flowers, will be dishing the dirt on a subject close to all our hearts – is it acceptable for an erotica heroine to sleep with more than one partner? 2,160 more words

Jade A. Waters

Pillow Talk: Ever - Enlarging Enough

There is no loveliness, nothing that makes man dear to his brother man, that is not in God, only it is infinitely better in God. He is God our saviour. 263 more words

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