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Day 3: Susan -- Lumpy Pillow

I attempted to wash this pillow and it turned into a lumpy disaster that hurts my neck to sleep on. Taking this to the EcoStation on Saturday, they have a recycle bin for fabric.


"A Little Pillow Company" 100% Cotton TODDLER PILLOWCASE in Woodland - 14"x19"

Wrap “A Little Pillow Company” pillow in only the best! This cute WOODLAND print case is Made in the USA from a 100% soft cotton fabric. 10 more words

Young Friend Home Again So Old

Anomalous animal of
the night caught its fur on a wet black bough
last night

on the underground

and you can still see – even after two weeks – how… 120 more words


3 Favorite Things

1 – Putting two of my favorite things together: linens and watercolor
2 – A no-sew pillow scarf cover
312 organizing baskets

What do… 8 more words

DIY Deco


Here is a project that has been on my to do list for quite some time, and it feels delightful to finally be crossing it off. 227 more words


meet Ollie the pug - get a free pin

The real Ollie, made famous with his likeness on a pillow, will make an appearance at Orange in Carytown May 8th. Come celebrate Orange’s one year anniversary with me, and Ollie, and all the other talented Orange artists, and the wonderful owners! 73 more words



In my perfect world artists would come as collectable cards instead of baseball players. So different but so inspiring, you could trade or find new talent, why has no one made happen this yet? 50 more words