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New Bag

An easy and colorful way to carry a pillow to that outdoor concert.

Boston Woman


I was in the kitchen getting some corn ready for the freezer and at first, Oreo was sitting by me hoping for some food.  Once I finished up, I realized he had lost interest and went off to do his own thing.   7 more words

Bichon Frisé

An Asterisk Pillow

I hate sampler quilts.  Well, that’s not entirely fair.  I love the concept of them and I love learning new tricks to make new blocks, but I hate how they look all put together.   320 more words

DIY: Cross Printed Pillow

Basic Setup:

This is the basic setup for any printed fabric, whether you use that fabric for pillows/cushions, wall art, etc.

Now that we’ve got the basics down, let’s get into making the actual pillow. 322 more words


Virágos kanna levendulapárna / Flower pot lavender pillow

Sidenote: For English and pictures, please scroll down.

Ajándékba készült a virágos kanna hímzéssel díszített illatpárna. Hosszú készülődés előzte meg, aminek az eredménye ez a fehér horgolt szalagos és szívmedálos kis párna lett.  711 more words


Travel tips to keep in mind

With summer half over, you might be feeling sick of your hometown and in need of a trip to a new, exciting destination.

But before you go running off to the airport, here are 10 travel tips to keep in mind. 532 more words

Collegiate Life