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How I Survived Sleeping In The Dark As A Child...And Adult

If it’s one thing that I absolutely CANNOT get over, it’s my fear of the dark. The thought of not knowing what lies in the dark in front of me gets to me and I can’t help but start to think irrational thoughts. 113 more words


Pillow: a billow, a cloud, a wave, a swelling, a fullness, but all of them made of the stuff of matter, not of air or water. 41 more words


My new pillow

I also got a new pillow for Christmas. I also got a new pillowcase for Christmas as well. Even though the pillow is often flat, I still like it a lot. 51 more words

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Just Thursday

This is the text conversation between my husband and I yesterday afternoon.

Husband – Apparently, to a 13 year old, they cannot control giggling every time someone talks about the planet Uranus… 145 more words

Metallic Monogrammed Pillow by Chaotic Creations by Kristen

A send off gift for a high school grad on her way to college

A bridal shower gift for a soon-to-be Mrs.

A housewarming gift for her or them

Buy here for $50


Best gifts 2014: Infinity Pillow by Huzi Design

Infinity Pillow by Huzi DesignNappers, dreamers, travelers alike, take the perfect power nap for restored energy and boosted creativity. Handmade from bamboo fabric and 3MTM Thinsulate, Infinity Pillow is fashioned after the Möbius strip, and can be twisted and used in endless resting options. 16 more words

Best Gifts 2014

Christmas for a friend...

Christmas really sucked this year.  It wasn’t how I envisioned Christmas.  I really LOVE Christmas, but this year, this year has such sad undertones, I didn’t even put my tree up or any decorations for that matter.  485 more words