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Pilot: "Marry Me"

Sometimes a series will surprise you. No, not because you realize it’s terrible in every way, but because it actually appears that it could end up being a smart and well done one, one that deserves to be on TV. 576 more words


Pilot: "Jane the Virgin"

Some new shows you just have a strong inkling are going to be stupid. The title is the first indicator and then there’s the trailer, which only cements your belief that it is dumb. 1,174 more words


The Flash - Episode 1, "Pilot"

** SPOILERS AHEAD – The following blog post contains a semi-review of the pilot episode of The Flash. There are spoilers within this tiny text that you should steer clear of unless you’ve seen the episode already or don’t mind little things like that. 1,166 more words


Arrow is back

Yesterday, 8 October, saw the return of Arrow, with its 3rd season. After a longer wait and higher expectations, the season started with a satisfying episode. 871 more words


The Flash Premiere Episode Reaction & Review

Following the success of the CW’s Arrow, The Flash premiered on the same network on Oct. 7th. The highly anticipated show based off of the DC superhero opened strongly, showing off how fun this show can be. 587 more words

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Scorpion: One Great Sting

”¬†We have a combined IQ of nearly 700 and we can’t even pay our bills.”

I’m pretty sure most of us would just say we can’t pay our bills. 282 more words