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Amazon Instant Video Pilot Season

Amazon Instant Video unveiled its third pilot season. Household names, actors and producers alike, gather for an assemble  that could shift the giant media seller into the production sphere big time. 164 more words


BBC's Sherlock: A Study in Pink

(Written on 29. 7. 2014)

Yesterday I started watching BBC’s Sherlock. For second time, but last time, I only got as far as the first episode of second season. 450 more words


Pilot: "Red Band Society"

Pilot season is hectic, and not just for the networks that want to add way more shows than they can actually hold, but the viewer. The viewer has to figure out if they can add any new shows to their, more likely than not, already packed list of shows they come back to each year; if they pick any up at all. 817 more words


Pilot: "Selfie"

A comedy series is only as good as it’s writing. Casting? Comedy? It’s gotta be something, right?

This may be true about many films and shows that heavily rely on comedy, as they’re called “comedy”, for a reason, but some just don’t come close. 505 more words


Pilot: "A to Z"

The pilot episode. The first one you encounter for any new series that debuts. The majority debut in a crowded field during the Fall of each year, and some make it, while others, only wish they could’ve been mildly decent. 636 more words


Welcome to the Circus — The Knick: Method and Madness.

Welcome to the Knickerbocker Hospital, New York, in 1900.

Ambitious surgeons seek to push the envelope in medical science and procedure whilst trying to stave off the staggering mortality rates in one of the biggest and busiest cities on the East coast. 1,423 more words


Pilot Podcast: Defining the Gospel - 1 Corinthians 15:1-5

Podcast: Pilot Episode: Defining the Gospel (Transcript)
Hello, this is Mahlon Smith, and I welcome you to this inaugural episode of the Growing Christian Resources podcast. 1,519 more words