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How to choose a flight school to kick-start your flying career

For many individuals, mapping out their path after high school is a major decision and turning point as it has significant bearing on one’s future. Once you have focused your mind on taking a course in aviation, the next step is to find an appropriate… 274 more words

Flight School

Pilot School - California Flight Center






Studi PILOT di California Flight Center (Long  Beach Airport, California, USA)

California Flight Center adalah sekolah pilot yang berlokasi di bandara internasional Long Beach, California, dan merupakan salah satu pusat sekolah pilot terbesar di Amerika dengan standar pendidikan bertaraf internasional. 374 more words

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Your Pilot Career Depends On The Type Of Flight Training You Choose

There are many ways to start training to be a pilot from doing a private course through to learning at a university.
It takes years of training to get licensed to become a pilot, and in particular to become an airline pilot. 1,239 more words

Associate Degree from Aviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology

About two-thirds of airline pilots will retire in the coming years and other areas of the aviation industry are also under-supplied with qualified applicants. Many airlines, especially in the United States, prefer applicants with a college degree. 1,218 more words

Tactical And Operational Errors in Pilot’s Decision Making Process

Pilot error refers to any action or decision – or lack of proper action – made by a pilot that plays a role in an accident. 1,242 more words