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Cloud Source

As if the source of the weather itself, smokes rises and spreads into the atmosphere from individual fires burning across the landscape of Kansas. In early Spring while the ground is still damp and the temperatures cool, controlled fires can be seen burning on farmlands throughout the south and midwest. 140 more words

Aerial Photography

Pilot Tuesdays - House of Cards S01E01

Pilot Tuesdays – Now for something p0litical – I ended up thinking this was a Anti West Wing style show.

Lots of Politics, Lots of corruptness and Lots of mind blowing stuff. 391 more words

TV Highlights

Women Fly

My mom flew weather checks for the Civil Air Patrol during WWII, so I take a special interest in the female pilots who star in… 178 more words

Moonrise in Twilight

On the eve of the Blood Moon, we witnessed the moon rising at sunset as we cruised at 39,000 feet. The separated bands of colored light marked the boundary of twilight as we looked through its cross-section at the rising moon. 53 more words

Aerial Photography

  Upon completion of the third bottle of wine, I suddenly seized the initiative and ordered a fourth. Then everything became a blur. The Chief Pilot was regaling me with story after story none of which I was properly able to follow.

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Blake Byram: Hunting Enthusiast

Blake Byram lives and works in Austin, Texas, where he is a professional developer involved in numerous construction projects.

He is also an enthusiastic hunter. Blake Byram is President of the Pedernales Rod and Gun Club, is a member of the National Rifle Association, and is a lifetime member of Safari Club International. 230 more words

Blake Byram