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Shadow of Gotham, Part 1

It was the hissing of something flying through the air beside my head that let me know we weren’t alone. My heart was already pounding, and my arms felt weak as I lifted the heft of my AK-47 off my hip.  723 more words

Alternate Universe

Unremarkable Dreams

  • I’m with my family, setting up our campsite for the night.  This isn’t fun camping, it’s The Road-style camping, where it feels like we might be killed at any moment.  
  • 407 more words

Coffee shop, part 1

“Is the coffee going to arrive this week?” The hopelessness in Christian’s voice told Mitch that he already knew the answer to his own question. A murmur on the phone was the response and the soft spoken manager’s face dropped when his fears were confirmed. 843 more words

Alternate Universe

You know what's more sexist than Silicon Valley? Its HBO version

The pilot for HBO’s Silicon Valley gets a lot of things right about the tech scene – or close to right, anyway. Fast-paced and funny, it plays its stereotypes with tongue firmly planted in cheek. 1,410 more words