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Allspice... what is it, and what can it be used for?

Allspice is one of the spices in our kitchen.  It tends to lie around a bit and is a rather interesting looking thing, but I was curious about what we can use it for. 220 more words

Herbal Remedies

Green tomato pickles.

My grandmother kept a big pot of green tomato pickles in her sideboard and we’d have them for supper. (The big meal was lunch). I loved them. 181 more words

Pimento Loaf

Sarah - AAARGH

Cody  - wha?

Sarah - the creep asked me to get he plunger a minute ago

my office environment is dire

Cody  - why would YOU have to get the plunger? 251 more words


Fantastical Fridays

We’ve been doing a lot with wine lately, what with planning a new wine list, and having just recently had a fantastic tasting event of wine paired with chocolate. 838 more words


Almost Deep South ramen

Currence has a cool concept for ramen. He takes all the main elements of it, and makes it stereotypically southern. The broth is replaced with… 219 more words

Pimento Tasting Notes

‘At last, a beverage without alcohol, stronger than alcohol’. Sounds like the perfect tag line to grab your attention doesn’t it? Back in 2009, it caught the attention of it home nation France, an in particular Paris, where it was launched in March of that year. 345 more words