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The Bristol

The Bristol (website)
1087 Queen Street West, Toronto ON M6J 1H3 (on the south side, between Dovercourt Road and White Squirrel Way, the nearest major intersection is Queen Street West and Ossington Street) 416-901-5472… 348 more words


Thoughts on eating outside

There’s a whole host of things which American films tell you are unflinchingly romantic. This includes your first period, walks in the rain, and country bike rides. 233 more words


Shack School

Ah January, you’re a funny old bugger. I find your laconic, childful ways rather frustrating at times. I do love my activity and my routine, that’s just how I am, so when I’m one day sitting down to a long lunch and the next day lugging gas bottles in my nightie, I’m very often having to take a deep breath and remind myself to practice ‘radical acceptance’ (look it up, it’s a thing) and take opportunities as they arise. 1,172 more words

Meg's Silly Bits

Pleasant Dinner Chat @ Nassim Hill Bakery on 1Jan2015

wife, son & i went to have a drink & some makan at nassim hill bakery on 1.1.2015. :-)

earlier we had a homecooked 20pax family new year day lunch. 139 more words

Buon Appetito!

Pimm's Cup Cocktail

I don’t know how else to say this…I love Pimm’s. So far, everyone who I have introduced it to has loved it too. Seriously, what’s not to love? 181 more words


Boxing Day BOE™

A Boxing Day tradition was created last year and enthusiastically continued in 2014: a Bollinger Only Event™ (made possible by an annual super sale at Kemeny’s bottle shop) with our dear friends E + R, featuring Christmas leftovers, unnecessary cheese and chocolates, and highly competitive games of Jenga and Pass The Pigs. 148 more words