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A Fantastic Fear of Everything

I’m going to build a picture for you. You’re at a friend’s garden party, some time in late summer. We’re in fully fledged ‘Bake-Off’ season, everyone’s had half a gallon of Pimms, the Mary Berry sandwiches are all gone. 390 more words

Live Action

The Abbot on Eglinton

The Abbot on Eglinton (website)

508 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto ON M5N 1A5 (on the north side, between Heddington Avenue and Castle Knock Road, the nearest major intersection is Avenue Road and Eglinton Avenue West) 416-487-8350… 344 more words


Ever feel like you have been submerged in a bag of tangled knitting?

I have spent days working through my accounts, trying to understand what goes where and why and how. It happens every time.

In good faith I place things in the paid bit and they appear in the deposits bit. 639 more words


Exeter Enchanted Ball + Brighton

I’m back! Haha well this is my attempt to catch up on the last couple of months of crazy travel. Won’t be as detailed as I would have liked but a record nonetheless. 534 more words


The last days of summer.....

The days are still warm but the evenings are definitely cooler

and according to the calender  Autumn  has arrived 

but here at Danish Exchange we are still enjoying evenings and picnics at the lake… 54 more words

Danish Living

Pimms and Lemonade, or simply "Pimms"

Pimms: a British, gin-based liquor with notes of citrus and spice.

I studied abroad in Oxford, England from July – August of 2011. Freshly 21, I was eager as can be to find my favorite drink in England. 332 more words


Pimm's & Lemonade Lollies

It’s our anniversary coming up in less than two weeks and I remember the first time we met as though it were yesterday. I did say that upon our fist meeting, Hubby bought me some… 80 more words