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we know all too well that summer in england can sometimes be a damp affair, and that it’s wise to keep our umbrellas close by. but we also know that british folk are hardy and resilient and won’t let a few raindrops deter them from beginning the weekend the way it should begin, in a street market, in shoreditch with a group of friends and a cup of pimms. 254 more words


Mullins Irish Pub (Bay)

Mullins Irish Pub (website)
1033 Bay Street, Toronto ON M5S 3A5 (on the south-east corner of Bay Street and Irwin Avenue, the nearest major intersection is Bay Street and Wellesley Street West) 416-963-3000… 350 more words


Borris House for weddings that want to stand out. Wedding Photography by Roger Kenny

I photographed two amazing weddings in Borris House this Summer and the beauty of the place is just astounding. The rooms are full of character and charm and the gardens lend themselves wonderfully to a garden party with croquet and cocktails on the lawn! 198 more words

Wedding Photography

Creative Cocktail Challenge: Apples

First experiment in a long time! Happy almost-autumn, my favorite time of year.

I’ve been very busy getting curious and excited about cocktail making recently. This post will be the first of many, I hope, to showcase some of the things I’ve learned. 2,319 more words


A Fantastic Fear of Everything

I’m going to build a picture for you. You’re at a friend’s garden party, some time in late summer. We’re in fully fledged ‘Bake-Off’ season, everyone’s had half a gallon of Pimms, the Mary Berry sandwiches are all gone. 390 more words

Live Action

The Abbot on Eglinton

The Abbot on Eglinton (website)

508 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto ON M5N 1A5 (on the north side, between Heddington Avenue and Castle Knock Road, the nearest major intersection is Avenue Road and Eglinton Avenue West) 416-487-8350… 344 more words


Ever feel like you have been submerged in a bag of tangled knitting?

I have spent days working through my accounts, trying to understand what goes where and why and how. It happens every time.

In good faith I place things in the paid bit and they appear in the deposits bit. 639 more words