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All Your Daughters Are Whores, And Sons Are Drug Dealers

Party hoppin’
Bar crawlin’
Pussy lickin’
Buyin’ fried chicken
Wit’ nickels and quarters
And silver dollars.
Got girls by the collar
Flipping dime bags
On every corner. 182 more words


Player Gamer's Ball: Crash Bandicoot, Xbox One, Superman 64

NSFW Comedy! Pablo Pinto channels Crash Bandicoot and reveals his hidden talent. Lotto tries out the Xbox One. Dr G and Dat Creeme Put Superman 64 on notice.


war dogs

the dogs of war are barking again… they need your sons and daughters… they need to spill some blood… innocent people are somewhere being innocent… just trying to get by… they need to kill them all… in your name… and on your dime… for freedom… for peace… 51 more words

Cotton's Cut Up Vol. 24: Old School...Some Still Call It Pimpin (Ruffin, Womack & Hutch Mix)


“I was brought up on that old school, some still call it pimpin.”  - Mac Ded on Playa Fly’s “Catch You Slippin” (1995) 180 more words

DJ Cotton Here Mixes

Video Of The Day And/Or Week: 4-Year Old Grandson of St. Joe's Coach Is Murdering The Tie Game

You can’t teach this style, obviously this kid dressed himself and he did a fantastic job doing so.  Because of his tie-game he’s got his eye on the girl above, easily 20 years his senior but he doesn’t care, he know what his tie brings to the table. 25 more words


Pimpin' EP Review: 100s - IVRY EP

Fools Gold’s own 100s recently released his latest project IVRY EP, an eight-song project that recalls a time when West Coast Hip-Hop was primarily about pimping and anything that may result from said pimping. 337 more words