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Pin of the day: My modern style

Peace. Calm. Serenity. Definitely not words that go with my current house.

Our style of colour explosion works well at the moment but I can see myself tending towards the monochrome and timber look when we all grow up a little! 49 more words


The art of doing stuff...why do we do what we do?

Every dollar I save by doing something myself is money I can put towards something I can’t make or do myself.

Can’t wait to see what her lessons are… 14 more words

Pin Of The Day

Pin of the day: Sweet succulents

I’m on the lookout for either or both of these hanging succulents for our planter boxes on the deck. Having managed to fail a couple of attempts at more floral options, succulents are now my foolproof plan! 35 more words


Happy Sun-Day! these Rapunzel Tangled Inspired Confetti Sunbursts on sale this week through Recession Home

These Tangled Inspired Confetti suns are on sale to celebrate the sun! springtime! and all things WARM!!!

Order your Tangled Sun confetti this week! aren’t my sweet Ray’s hands beautiful? 78 more words


Sevenly proves people are the core of business - This week's Kind Campaign - what one company can do to raise money for a good cause

The climate of purchasing is changing. Companies like Sevenly are changing the face of the core behind corporations. The people.

How can a company that sells t-shirts turn around and share their message with others? 677 more words

Pin Of The Day