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matcha green tea loaf

I simply wanted to try baking with matcha, since it has been awhile. It is one of my all time favorite colors. I mean, just look at it! 353 more words

Baked Goods

Homemade Pesto Sauce

My basil plants grew like crazy while another new one started to bloom.  It’s time to use the old plants for homemade pesto sauce.   It’s easy.  138 more words


Basil pesto and provolone lasagna rolls.

This is another very easy, very simple and very very delicious recipe. It can be made in advance so it can be shoved in the oven at anytime and you’ll be sitting down to a beautifully tasty pasta dish in 20 minutes. 673 more words


Pumpkin & Feta Frittata

These days, I’m trying very hard to balance out my diet so that, for the most part, it’s really nourishing. For me that means avoiding processed foods, grains, sugar and dairy as much as possible and bumping up the fresh vegetables and proteins. 284 more words


Scandess cooks: Halloumi, grilled courgettes and braised red cabbage with pine nuts

There are times when all you want is comfort food. And for me this is one of the better dishes. Quick and simple, this doesn’t take forever to cook after a long day at work. 11 more words


Despicable Me

I am disgusted at myself. Sort of. I ate half a packet of Haribo Minions. And I enjoyed every one of them. Not the flavour – there were a few dodgy almond flavour ones (I like marzipan but not in a Haribo jelly sweet!) but the sugar hit was great :). 472 more words

Hairy Dieters

The Puff Pastry Post

Making dough of any kind has always intimidated me. I steer clear of making bread, tarts, quiche, pastry, muffins, cakes, etc. It’s a funny thing because I grew up watching my Grandma make bread and donuts and my mom pies and banana bread, but for some reason, I’ve always thought it looked too complicated and time consuming. 493 more words