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SERMON: Two objects cannot occupy the same space (HS #4)

This is the sermon from August 3rd about the need to place the Spirit in first place and to remove any other hindrances that prevent His taking the throne of our lives. 87 more words


SERMON: The Advent of the Spirit Age (HS #3)

This sermon from July 27th is about the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and the changes between the New and Old Testament operations of the Holy Spirit. 97 more words


SERMON: The Holy Spirit is... (HS #2)

This sermon was given July 13th about the Person of the Holy Spirit. Some of the principle points were:

  1. The anointing used to be provisional and selective in the OT.
  2. 29 more words

SERMON: The Necessity of the Holy Spirit (HS #1)

This is really the second message in the series, the Spirit Filled Church, that was given on July 6th. Apart from the Spirit we cannot please God and the only form of God (within the Trinity) that is on the Earth is the Holy Spirit. 71 more words


SERMON: Kenny Marincic

This is the sermon by Kenny Marincic on June 15th about making your faith real. Great message from a dear brother who has proven his love for the community many times over. 7 more words


SERMON: We few, we happy few (Col. #8)

This is the sermon from May 11th on Colossians 4. Some of the principal points were:

  1. Our private prayer life is keenly important.
  2. Be devoted, vigilant and thankful.
  3. 47 more words

This coming Sunday...

Just a reminder that this coming Sunday we will be celebrating Communion and then having our monthly fellowship meal. This month we will be having a BBQ in Boyd Skinner Park after the service, so please bring your own meat to grill and a dish to share. 11 more words