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Eastern Philosophy in Ping Pong the Animation

The Vinegar Tasters

Before I begin this article, I’ll try to give the uninitiated a crash course in the “Big 3″ East Asian philosophies: Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. 1,308 more words

A runcible nonce

In the recent panic surrounding the Heartbleed bug, we ask ourselves why, and how, these bugs still happen. We know that it was a preventable bug, with a simple fix, but with potentially important repercussions. 554 more words


Daily Blog 4/14/14

So apparently this is Palandrone week.  Every day can be said the same forwards as backwards.  I am sorry for the lack of posts, but sleep is at a premium lately.   369 more words

Daily Blog Post

The plan!

I’m a simple amature golfer, I love golf have only been playing for a year but I’m an addict. I have changed my wardrobe to be a golfer, I wear golf trousers every day love wearing jumpers now as long as they are something to do with golf. 207 more words


Say Hello to Your Champion: 2014 Masters – Bubba Watson

Name: Gerry Lester “Bubba” Watson Jr.

Birthday: November 5, 1978

Hometown: Bagdad, FL

Fun Fact: Stars in Golf Boys videos

College: University of Georgia

Sport: 418 more words

2014 Masters

Run Ping Script in SecureCRT

Ping is devious on Cisco routers and when you need to execute lot of them, you need to copy paste your pings one by one. I disagree with this approach, so I am using help of script.


You Should Be Watching: Ping Pong the Animation

In case you aren’t, let me tell you why you should. We’ll use bullet points, nobody can get confused with those!