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My notifications are skwonked

Speaking of technical things:

If you pingback to me and I do not respond – it is because I am not receiving my notifications for such things properly. 134 more words

Idiot Ramblings

In a muddle.

I’ve been reading about pingbacks, trackbacks and html codes, for my blog. Am I any the wiser? Er…no! I don’t mind playing around with my blog layout and images, but the technical aspects of blogging leave me cold. 137 more words


Letter to Grandpa

Dear Grandpa,

I miss you dearly. It has been 14 years since you left. It has also been 14 years since I lost my partner in crime. 313 more words


Ping backs, sling backs and poo's

My default position is . . . . when I see a button I press it. Unless its behind glass with a warning. I’m new to this blogging stuff and despite myself have found enough buttons to press to publish this. 176 more words

Foot And Ankle Surgery Recovery