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Swans on the lake Geneva


Holga Pinhole Camera – Ilford FP4 + rollfilm developed with cafenol c – hypam fixer

Pinholistically Yours!


Pointing My Pinhole at People

Sometimes when I go digging through my archives I start to notice interesting patterns in my photography. Todays surprise revelation is that I shoot mostly landscapes with my pinhole camera but more often than not there is at least a single frame with something… 415 more words

Film Photography

Take interesting photographs with your iPhone... BOX.

So you want to take interesting photos with your iPhone box?

Why not ? The air tight design of the iPhones box makes it perfect to turn into a pinhole camera! 508 more words


Pinhole DLSR

So you want to do pinhole photography but you don’t have a darkroom to develop your images.

Have no fear there is a way to turn your camera into a pinhole camera. 245 more words


Rond-Point du Mineur - Alès

I think that this picture is a good summary of my hometown. It was taken at a round about. It represents a miner pushing a carriage full of coal. 113 more words


Damned Holga

I am back.I don’t know how long it will last but I am back. I have been through hard times I would never wish my best ennemies to live. 260 more words