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Happy Monday 'Lego Pinhole Camera'

Here’s a story to start your week, photographer and lego aficionado Ryan Eldeem has created one of the worlds smallest pinhole camera with only a single 2×2 brick. 25 more words


Bet you don't know what this is.

See that little crescent that’s lighter than the rest? That’s  a solar eclipse, that is. I used a pinhole in one piece of paper to focus light on a second sheet; it effectively creates a… 111 more words


A view from the penumbra.

Crazy weather here. It rained and poured this morning. Then we had an hour or two of sunny blue sky, which afforded a glimpse of the partial solar eclipse through a hastily-made… 42 more words


Pinhole Test Part 3: Ooooo, Ahhhh, Pretty

Here’s a look at some of the shots I think came out success(ish). Most of them are still nowhere near what I would consider a shot I’d be content with, but I think they’re still interesting (even if it was by accident). 212 more words

Black And White Photography

Pinhole Perfection

Well it`s nearly half-term here at Truro College and everyone’s been busy being creative over the past few weeks.
The photography class has spent this time learning and practicing analogue photography skills such as photograms, using the 35mm film SLR`s and these beautiful pinhole images. 47 more words

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Solar eclipse visible Thursday

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – The beautiful weather will set a perfect stage Thursday for a celestial show. In one of Mother Nature’s most rare occurrences. Thursday afternoon, near sunset, the sun and moon will line up for a partial eclipse. 266 more words


Pinhole Test Part 2: Trial and Error...and error.

Sorry for the delay, I said I’d have this up on Friday, but here is part two.

Decided to start playing again with film. I had a few rolls of Ilford 120 film laying around, that had expired a few years ago, but thought I’d play around with them and see what (if anything) came out. 691 more words

Black And White Photography