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From the Sally Gap to Lough Dan

One of the wonderful things about this country is that you are never really sure where a small laneway or an open gate can lead you. 141 more words

Pinhole Photography

Pinhole Photography: Developing Film

Film No. 1
Type: test strip
Exposure Time: 10, 20, 30, 40 seconds
Notes After Developing:
Test strip completely black. Maybe exposed incorrectly with the enlarger. 342 more words

Analog Film

Pinhole Photography: Shooting Film

Shoot No. 1
Camera: Can (wide angle)
Film No.: No. 5
Exposure Environment: Overcast, bright
Exposure Time: 2 minutes
Location: Green Room (ENV 2)
Notes After Developing: 404 more words

Analog Film

Pinhole Photography: Loading Film

Canister Camera

The 5X7 film paper fit perfectly inside the canister. One challenge was arranging the paper evenly so the pin hole would be symmetrically aligned. 193 more words

Analog Film

Pinhole Photography: Making Cameras

Canister Camera

To create the canister camera, I followed the instructions on lilblueboo, as suggested by Professor O’Gorman. The materials were all readily available at KW Surplus and everything came to less than $10.00, with the exception of the coffee can. 152 more words

Analog Film

Time In-depth

by Moni Smith

Pinhole photography is, essentially, an in-depth study in exposure. The only thing you have control over is exposure time. A pinhole camera is simply a box with a tiny hole to let in light. 162 more words


Mullaghmeen Forest - Pinhole Obscura Reblog

Mullaghmeen forest is one of those wonderful places that is nearly impossible to find and even harder to describe. It sits in the middle of extensive farm lands at the  159 more words

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