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Magpie Pinhole

Wildlife photography pinhole style.


Jeff McConnell sent me this photo he took with a pinhole camera he made, as part of a postcard exchange.  I sent Jeff a photo of a yacht in Friday Harbor, that I featured here a few days ago. 30 more words


Photo Geeks, Check This Out!

While visiting the Santa Fe art museum a couple of days ago, we saw a great gallery show on pinhole photography.  When we went into the gallery gift shop, they had a WHOLE TABLE of stuff that made Lee and I (both old photography geeks) squeal.   175 more words


Ice and Fire

Dwarf Fireweed, the national flower of Greenland, framing an ice filled world. Photographed using a holga pinhole camera and Fuji Velvia film on a cloudy summer day.

Roll 28 - Velvia and my Zero 45

When we took our trip to the Oregon coast I thought I would try shooting Velvia 50 in my pinhole camera and not cross process. I had never tried shooting slide film for it’s intended purpose. 52 more words


Michelle Holland on the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project (APP) at the New Mexico History Museum

Alzheimer’s Poetry Project (APP) at the New Mexico History Museum
June 25, 2014
Poetics of Light: Pinhole Photography

In the spirit of poems responding to art, I participated in a guided tour of the Poetics of Light exhibit at the NM History Museum, where an audience -enerated call and response poem became the culmination of the tour. 201 more words



Summer up high in the mountains of central Colorado as seen through a small hole in a wooden box. Photographed with a Zeroimage pinhole camera onto Fuji Velvia film.