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hatred begets hatred.

Another Steam Sale comes and Euro Truck Simulator 2 at a paltry £2.25 casts Tempt. It was super effective! Swayed by romantic notions of my elbow leaning nonchalantly against the open window, good tunes on the radio and glorious, bright sunshine all the way to Berlin, my first day with Keep It Wheels Logistics ground to a halt ten minutes in with a needless head-on collision with a small rock face. 894 more words


after strawgate and woodgate.

Yesterday’s plan to drink myself back into regular waking hours fell flat on its face when I woke up, after just over two hours of sleep, at 3am. 495 more words


level 37 sword of justice.

I was somehow awakened after two hours sleep this morning by the sound of a Facebook message notification on my phone, the most delicate of bell noises the human mind can deal with and certainly not the sort of thing that would usually shift me into consciousness by a long shot. 550 more words


god i really, really despise rupert murdoch.

I’m sitting here with a hot mug of low calorie hazelnut hot chocolate that the self-scan till at Asda forced me to steal. Scanning through each item one by one and putting them in the bag section, on scanning the third of four single-serve hot chocolate sachets it told me that an item was removed from the bag area and that I should replace it. 544 more words


here comes the sun.

Sleep, the ever-reliable pain relief, took up a good portion of my day but a trip to the shop to restock the milk and paracetamol, I derisively sneered at the “Paracetamol Plus” which provided the usual medicinal dose as well as a shot of caffeine, presumably to counter the effects of drowsiness. 570 more words


post-surgery, day five: sisters are doing for themselves.

I did not sleep very well last night. I tried to show my belly who was boss and I was, in turn, punished for my insolence. 994 more words


"It's a Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood"

Well, as Mr. Rogers used to remind us so well, “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood . . . It’s a neighborly day in this beautywood . 571 more words