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The return of British watchmaking

Pinion Watch Company is a new name on the watchmaking scene, now presenting the Axis Pure. Like their previous models, the Axis Pure has a dial designed for easy readability, with a bespoke luminescent paint for hour markings and hands. 324 more words

Axis Pure

Day 3 - 3 songs (approx 45 minutes)

Tool – 46 & 2


“My shadow.
Change is coming through my shadow.
My shadow’s shedding skin
I’ve been picking
My scabs again.”


The chorus to this powerfully rhythmic rocking song describes the process of change, of facing that which you have repressed such that we can begin to heal.  563 more words

Writing 101

It's just my 'pinion ...

… but I love rust and decay.  

Martintown Mill, Glengarry

Glengarry And Environs

entertainment selection misandrist.

Over the weekend I watched an action movie, something I haven’t done for quite a long time. It was okay-ish, a bit clichéd and a bit predictable in equal measure but it was entertaining all the same partly because I had booze as a back-up attention span battery but mainly because instead of a tiresome, macho guy as the lead role out to save some girl that only exists to carry the plot along, it was pretty much gender-flipped. 613 more words



Driving home this morning, my 2-year-old girl in the back seat, and NIN’s Pinion (off the Broken EP) comes on in the mix. She’s doesn’t say anything for a while, but then she says: 40 more words

Nova receita

As bolachas Maria da Triunfo perderam toda a mística. A nova receita destruiu o sabor característico que lhes assistia (sim, o toque a coconut).
Agora todas as bolachas Maria são iguais. Viva a China.


"I ended the fourth grade! Now what?!"

Quer dizer que já não preciso de continuar a minha vida escolar.
Não estou a falar da académica.