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Bleaching & dying my hair pink/magenta

Today I went to CVS and purchased pink hair dye from the brand Splat. This semi-permanent hair dye retails for $13 and the brand is usually the only colored hair dye brand available in stock. 90 more words


Love is in the air!

Okay, so Valentines day is coming up soon! For a lof of us, it’s a day we’re all dreading. Seeing all these lovey dovey things in the shop and then photos on our social media of all them posts “Love my boyfriend!” “Been spoiled!” And all of that stuff. 379 more words

OOTD: Heavenly Hibiscus

How is┬áthe first month of the year already drawing to a close? I always feel like January is the “warm-up” month where you don’t really take things too seriously. 307 more words