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Throwback Thursday


Being someone who gets frustrated by lazy stereotypes, I can’t help but feel annoyed about what I’m about to confess to… However, being a man who apparently only has the mental capacity to focus on one thing at a time, I recently struggled to pay attention to an astonishingly beautiful woman that was attempting to speak words in my direction. 818 more words


Rivers Cuomo performs with Real Estate

Rivers Cuomo of Weezer made a surprise appearance last night to play with Real Estate at Belasco Theater in Los Angeles. Together they performed the track from Weezer’s Pinkerton album, “No Other One”. 30 more words

Weezer's New Album and Cleopatra Video

Weezer have a new album out.  (It actually came out last month, but I’m only just getting around to listening to it.)  It is called… 204 more words

Flash! Friday--Vol 2 - 48

WELCOME back to Flash! Friday! It’s always such a pleasure seeing you, week after week, turn up to share your brilliant talents. And watch you fight tooth and talon for the trophy, of course, loveyoumeanit. 492 more words

Flash Fiction


The Rentals
Return of The Rentals, 1995

At this point, I guess I’m something of a Weezer “truther.” Several albums and more than a decade removed from the band’s distinctly underwhelming… 209 more words