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What Does "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" meant to you?

Before we all know it, Pinktober is going to rear its ugly head once again, and everywhere you look will be pink ribbons – from the grocery store, to chain restaurants and maybe a part of your downtown running path is now covered in… 1,841 more words

Breast Cancer

Dear Ms. Robach

An open letter to Good Morning America News Anchor and breast cancer “survivor,” 

Ms. Amy Robach


Dear Ms. Robach,

What a journey you have had recently. 1,808 more words

Breast Cancer

Against Pinkwashing: Filmmaker open letter to the Vancouver Queer Film Festival

From Mik Turje:

Mik Turje Statement on VQFF Pinkwashing

VQFF Statement from Executive Director

Dear fellow cultural producers and consumers, queers and allies,

Like many of you, I have watched the pinkwashing controversy at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival unfold over the past three years. 1,405 more words

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Watch: Tel Aviv Comes Out

In light of the recent events taking place between Israel and Gaza, an interesting documentary by the BBC World Service may now be more relevant than ever when it comes to the debate surrounding Israel’s promotion of LGBT rights and accusations by its critics of ‘pinkwashing’.  129 more words