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Throwback Thursday: Monster Cookie Dough Dip

Hey all! So it’s that time of week! Throwback Thursday!! Today I’m really going to end up spoiling you, not only is this a throwback, but it’s another fabulous recipe that I tried while Shane was off in boot camp. 57 more words


Pinterest, eat your heart out

Thank you, Pinterest, for reminding me how incapable I am of completing a DIY project that looks exactly how it does on all of your boards: fresh, artsy and put-together. 602 more words


My Six Months Absence (In a Nutshell)

Hey everyone! So I finally finished my post over what’s been going on for the past six months (sans pics – will be added I promise!) Check out the link… 103 more words


Friday Randomness

Not sure if it’s the aftermath of a big change, or just where my head is at lately, but I just can’t seem to hold on to one train of thought. 356 more words

Pinterest Lovin'

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am pretty sure my Pinterest boards are more organized then the rest of my life :) hahah. I am quite obsessed actually, when me and my friend Tiffany are together we pin on our Ipads & watch movies and show each other everything or just sent it to each other sitting next to each other! 43 more words

My terrible error

I signed up for NaNoWriMo, which is all well and good. My goal is to produce a follow up to Bad Traveler featuring a secondary character in a starring role. 178 more words


Pins of the Week


 I devoured these apple fritter waffles!


 Crate & Barrel’s cute feather linens.


 Tiny ghosts cookies, genius.


 Dream kitchen with rustic touches. 9 more words