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Eager to join the ranks of GodTube, Christian Mingle, Faithbook, and FaithLauncher, there’s now a D-rated Christian version of Pinterest. Because we all know how Pinterest was just a haven for godless heathens and their Satanic images… 196 more words

Ryan Hite

Adult Approved Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Some times you just have to go with comfort food, and tonight as I went down the list of ingredients that I had available, I came to the conclusion that rather than running to the grocery store to get the frozen pizza that I was really craving, I was going to go with the next best thing and make homemade chicken tenders, or nuggets, and for some reason even though it required a little more work on an evening that I really wasn’t in the mood to cook I went with Chicken Nuggets, and I’m glad that I did, because they hit the comfort food spot, while staying half way healthy at the same time (The benefits of baking rather than frying).  166 more words

Solar System Curriculum on Pinterest

Here is the link to my pinterest!


I am going to be using this pinterest account solely for educational purposes. I just started a Solar System Curriculum board. 9 more words

Rule #1: There Are No Rules To Social Media

     I tend to turn on a good podcast while doing custodial work around the dorm at CUC. The definition of “good” is based on my own taste in music, odd technology, and humorous conversation. 524 more words


Pinterest Recipe: Garlic Shrimp and Quinoa

My mom has been interested in quinoa lately, and I decided to cook for her tonight. I was on Pinterest today at work (did I mention I got a job? 297 more words

Too Stupid To Work Pinterest

I do have a pinterest, yes.  I broke down and signed up because I was talking with one of my friends about wedding stuff and I wanted to “speak her language.”  So I pin things. 156 more words


The changing face of my Pinterest self

Back when I worked at my university paper The Cascade, I wrote an article titled, “The truth behind my Pinterest boards.” In it, I described the identity crisis I was having: 604 more words

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