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10 Great Reasons to Consider Marketing on Pinterest

Look at These 10 Reasons for Marketing on Pinterest Who knew that Pinterest, that started out as yet another photo sharing site would quickly become not just one of the more popular sites on the Web, but would be a terrific place for small and large business alike to market. 120 more words

Weekly Favorites #3

It’s been a short while since I’ve posted anything! I was busy outside enjoying the short-lived sunny weather, my mom was in the hospital for almost a week (but she’s better now!) and my husband’s Grandpa & his wife came into the area to visit for Easter. 440 more words

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Waiting By The Backdoor

As a twenty something girl with many girl friends in my life, I get the occasional relationship questions. One of the teens on the youth group I work with is in a surprisingly familiar situation. 230 more words

Social Media Data Every Day

Check out this infographic by DOMO on the amount of data the Internet generates everyday.

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Transmedia Narratives on Pinterest, You Can't Beat That.

“What even is transmedia storytelling?” Yep, that was my first thought when our week seven lecture begun. It seems this is similar to many of my initial reactions to our lectures, however I always leave with a smile, feeling like my brain is bigger, filled with an understanding of the fascinating content from our lecture. 266 more words


Halloween Picture Frames

Let’s start off with an easy project shall we.

Picture Frames

This is the original project: http://lilluna.com/halloween-gallery-wall/

I liked the idea, but decided to modify it for my own use. 1,089 more words


The Best of Pinterest

I {Love} Pinterest! If you’re ever having a bad day go to Pinterest and click on Humor in the search area! Your day is instantly better!! 73 more words