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A Mouthful and an Eyeful in San Sebastian, Spain

Our favorite destination on the two week northeastern Spain trip was San Sebastian, the jewel of the Basque Country.  Being my second time here, I fell in love even more with this seaside paradise.  535 more words


Chillin' in Madrid

I just enjoyed the most delightfully chill weekend in Madrid with a dear friend from my church in Lausanne.  Yes, I read the entire chapter on Madrid in my Rick Steves’ “Spain” book before leaving, and yes, I read the weekend itinerary about Madrid in my New York Times “36 Hours” book, but no, I did not make a play-by-play agenda for this weekend.   1,391 more words

J'ai testé : Le Farago, Pintxoclub

Cour des petites écuries dans le 10ème. C’est dans cette jolie impasse qu’est installé le Farago un bar à tapas « contemporain » ou Pintxoclub ! 214 more words


San Sebastián- A DIY Pintxos Crawl in Parte Vieja

If I’ve ever visited a city that I feel comfortable labeling the capital of taste bud euphoria, it is San Sebastián. I may even say that this city was my favorite gastronomic stop thus far. 1,214 more words


Pintxos, Pintxos and More Pintxos in San Sebastián, Spain

I had high hopes for San Sebastián. Many other travelers I’ve met on this trip have been there and raved about it.

San Sebastián is a small beach town in northern Spain just over the border from Hendaye, France. 1,297 more words


San Sebastian, you win at food. and fun.

And I lose at blog post titles.

I can usually tell how much fun I’ve had in any location based on the number of photos I’ve taken- the less photos that I have to choose from when writing these posts, the more I enjoyed the location. 1,048 more words

Pintxos Part 3: The Finale

It turns out that pintxos, aka bite-sized appetizers, are quite easy to make. For the most part, you just assemble the ingredients and viola!

In addition to doing a few Basque style pintxos (pronounced “peen-chos”), we decided to throw in a few American ingredients.  463 more words