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Hawaiian Pinwheel Wraps

You may have encountered these wraps at a cocktail party. They’re delicious and can be made with your ingredients of choice.  They can be totally vegetarian or a mixture of meat, vegetables and dairy. 203 more words


Baked Pinwheel Snacks/ Baked Samosa Bites

Back to my love for street food/ similar savoury snacks – I would like to admit that this is pure experiment borne out of the love for taste :), and something which I have named as Baked Pinwheel Snack / Baked Samosa Bites / Samosa Bhakarwadi. 437 more words

Healthy Wealthy

Gimp*, 28

Oh god, my inner dominatrix is just tantalized by this balding gimp of a man. He’s offered to be my slave, to give me a foot massage and to worship me. 164 more words


Apple, almond and cinnamon buns

Lovely warm cinnamon spiced buns – straight out of the oven! What more could you want on a cold day? These are adapted from a previous recipe of mine in which I’d used beer instead of the water in the dough, and the filling was savoury. 408 more words


Jam Tart Pinwheel Pastries

Aren’t these just the yummiest looking treat you have ever seen? I think they look gorgeous, and I’m hoping they taste that way too, as I’m making a whole butt-load of ‘em for my family for Christmas. 352 more words


Two Things at Once

There are some projects that just don’t go the way you expected.  This is another new structure for me – complimentary doubleweave.  I pulled out a couple of cones of 5/2 mercerized cotton using the colors that were in the studioand wound my warp.   464 more words


Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies: Pinwheel Cookies

DAY 1: Welcome to the 6th Annual Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies! First up is a fun Christmas Pinwheel Cookie.

This is a fun way to use a simple sugar cookie dough to make multi-colored swirled cookies. 449 more words