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Days 75-101

Oh no I’ve neglected this for about a month! I think all that means is that I’ve been too busy living to sit down and write about it. 192 more words

Pioneering versus Leadership

Recently I’ve had several conversations with friends and colleagues touching on the differences between being a pioneer and being a leader. There have always been support structures for aspiring leaders in many different fields and sectors, but there seems to be very little support for pioneers. 537 more words


I’ve been meaning to write a post for a minute now, but every time I started to something beautiful would happen and I would get caught up in it, and now I find that I have too much to say to write it all out properly. 806 more words

Life In General

Setlist: April 4, 2014; Peoria, IL

Ear in the Envelope Art Gallery

1. Tipping Hats*
2. The Lion’s Den
3. Lullaby #12^
4. The Balloonist
5. Pioneering
6. The Daredevil Christopher Wright (Daredevil Christopher Wright) 47 more words

A Metropolitan Guide


I love British Summer Time. The Scouts managed to get about an hour outside playing Bull dogs in the sunshine. Then they were inside pioneering once it got dark. 27 more words


A Flurry of Random Lessons from Pioneer Nation

I feel like my life changed from last Wednesday to today. This conference called Pioneer Nation has been everything I wasn’t even hoping for – incredibly lovely speakers, nice food, but most importantly I feel like I have found people that I have more in common with than I could ever hope for. 307 more words