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don’t worry about keeping life neatly framed.

cherish and carry it… go ahead, get dirty!

a well worn life most often fades to white.

well worn, well loved…

fingerprints of light.


How to grow your own garlic from leftover cloves ..

Not only will garlic make wonderful additions to your recipes, but they have numerous health benefits as well. Some of these include helping boost the immune system because of all the antioxidants in them, lowering blood pressure and high cholesterol and curing athletes foot.Garlic has also been attributed to vanishing cold sores and acne by rubbing them on the affected area. 173 more words


Experiences in Planting, Part 2: Creating a Core

Mark Driscoll in his book Confessions of a Reformission Rev. talks about the moment he stopped wasting time on people who were never going to be on board with the vision God laid on his heart and started investing in people who were interested in being missionaries to the city of Seattle. 489 more words

Biblical and Theological Rationale for Pioneer Ministry

This is one of my assignments but it explains much of my thinking around pioneer ministries. I thought I’d share it as it gives people in my life a little understanding of what I’m up to and why. 2,430 more words

Theological Reflections

Roadside Update - Laying Foundations

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything so I thought it was time for a brief update.

It’s been an exciting and challenging month in many ways. 646 more words


Fun In Jehovah's Service

Today I had so much fun in service.  And you know I remember a time when I was younger when I would ask “How can you have fun in service?   155 more words