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Video of the Week: The new "Ignatius, stop rowing!"...?

Really? Really?

That novice boat should have been disqualified and given a serious talking to by the regatta officials with their coaches present. (Someone on Reddit, where this was posted, said they think they only received a 20 second penalty.) This goes way past your standard novice screw-up. 493 more words


What Are We Doing with Our Privileges?

There is an incredible sense of privilege when we look back over the route we have just traveled. We have driven, more or less in reverse, the route our Mormon pioneer ancestors followed 167 years ago. 601 more words



Today was the anniversary of the Mormon handcart disaster. In 1856 a group of Mormons tried to get to Utah from Missouri by walking and dragging all their worldly belongings in handcarts. 289 more words

I must be a local!

I think I can just about claim to be a local to the Central Highlands region of Queensland. I’m proud of the fact that all four sets of my great-grandparents and some of my great-great grandparents were pioneers in this area. 533 more words

Family History

Alleman wins Sectional Tennis Title

Alleman wins the sectional team title, snapping Moline’s 13-consecutive titles. Rock Island’s Nicole Tylupa wins her 3rd staright single title.  Alleman doubles partners Mary Gervase and Megan Schueneman take first. 17 more words


As the Story is Told: Farming Life Part I

Every week, I share an excerpt from the book my Great Aunt helped write, As the Story is Told: A History of Morpeth and Community, which was printed in 1986. 504 more words