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A Reality Checklist about Romanticizing Kitchens Past

Every year during the holiday season, many media sources provide lists of cookbooks, primarily to jump-start the gift-giving proclivities of their readers.

This year I’m getting a head start. 1,161 more words


Tour of GAP Headquarters with SSHRM October 23, 2014

CSUEB students don’t forget the Student Society for Human Resources Management (SSHRM) is having their tour of the GAP Headquarters in San Francisco Tomorrow.

When: 42 more words

Professional Development

Finding the Rohingya: In Pursuit of a Hidden People

What happens when two Pioneers missionaries take a 30-day trek around Southeast Asia to find a scattered and persecuted people group and tell their stories? “It’s going to be grueling and exhausting,” says Jason with a laugh, “we’re going to be running on adrenaline and white rice.” 484 more words


Wolftree , Kinfolk & Coffee

So Ive been in love with the magazine Kinfolk Since I can remember.  I have this quiet , crazy, beautiful ambition that come the end of University I will pack up everything I own, move to Portland Oregon ( where the Kinfolk office is based ) and demand they hire me. 78 more words

Under The Two Elm Trees

Tales of Whistler's Early Water Supply and Sanitation Facilities

This year I spent thanksgiving with a group of new friends. As tradition goes, we went around the table and said what we were thankful for. 558 more words


Video of the Week: The new "Ignatius, stop rowing!"...?

Really? Really?

That novice boat should have been disqualified and given a serious talking to by the regatta officials with their coaches present. (Someone on Reddit, where this was posted, said they think they only received a 20 second penalty.) This goes way past your standard novice screw-up. 493 more words


What Are We Doing with Our Privileges?

There is an incredible sense of privilege when we look back over the route we have just traveled. We have driven, more or less in reverse, the route our Mormon pioneer ancestors followed 167 years ago. 601 more words