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Relating to the Pioneers

As a Mormon, I grew up with stories of pioneers crossing the country in covered wagons and handcarts. I always imagined that people were born tougher back then, capable of surviving anything without complaint, and I never related to the stories. 254 more words


Ben Affleck as Batman

It was in 1939, National Comics’ success with the seminal superhero Superman in Action Comics prompted editors to scramble for similar heroes. In response, Bob Kane conceived “the Bat-Man”. 137 more words


Old-Timer Photos From Sci-Fi & Superhero Movies And Action Thrillers Vol.3

Hey fellas!

Here we come again with a “Volume.3″ collection of rare, beautiful, fun, strange and awesome celebrity photos. Showing celebrities in a way that you are not used to see them. 168 more words


Happy Pioneer Day

Not everyone celebrates this holiday, but I think it is worth mentioning and remembering today.  July 24th marks the date that the Mormon Pioneers finally arrived at their destination over 160 years ago. 164 more words

Something New

With Love

So many people hurting,
so many hearts broken,
so many hopes dying,
so many tears flowing,
so many eyes crying,
so many souls searching

So much pain present, 68 more words


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Throwback Thursday: Today is Pioneer Day in Utah. Apparently it is a major holiday here that can have celebrations bigger than the Forth of July. I don't really understand that, but I do admire the stories of the pioneers. They migrated across the country because they believed in something bigger than themselves. Although this poem was not written about the pioneers, it reminds me of their stories. There was pain and heartache on their journey, but the love of others gave hope in difficult circumstances.

Happy Pie-n-Beer Day!

That’s Pioneer Day, if you’re a good Mormon. ;) For the rest of us, it’s a drinking holiday!

My cousin and his wife throw the best party in the city. 489 more words


First Poster: "Mad Max: Fury Road"

What a lovely day fellas!

Following to late wednesday release of “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” first one-sheet, Warner Bros. Pictures have now unearthed poster #1  for George Miller’s long awaited “Mad Max: Fury Road”.