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Old-Timer Photos from Sci-Fi & Superhero Movies and Action Thrillers!

This is not an article but a conscise gallery of photos in weird & interesting & awesome moments taken during the filming of various sci-fi & superhero movies and action thrillers. 135 more words


A True Earth-Twin or Not? Have Scientists Discovered Earth no.2?

Hey Techandle Fans! This is really something!

Researchers have recently found an earth-sized world orbiting in a habitable zone around a distant star and the discovery is the closest that they have come so far in spotting a true Earth clone. 139 more words


Stem Cells for Adults created. What is next?

Time is ticking away for scientists as they have moved one more step closer to the aim of creating the patient-specific stem cell perfectly matching to one’s DNA in order to treat diseases. 189 more words


Objects From the Past: Pioneer Artifacts Found

Over 100 years ago the first pioneer settlers were discovering the potential of the rich soil in and around Sydenham Forest.  They built houses and barns, farmed the land and got fuel from the forest for building, cooking and staying warm through the cold winters.  258 more words


Singapore Loses a Visionary (Asia Sentinel)

This article originally appeared in Asia Sentinel, 2010.

* * *

Asia Sentinel
MON,17 MAY 2010

Goh Keng Swee, who helped to build the island republic, dies. 680 more words


Amazon’s 3D smartphone is on its way

After years of development, Amazon is finally close to revealing its first batch of smartphones.

Amazon’s upcoming flagship phone looks much like any other touchscreen phone on the market. 418 more words