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Python on Raspberry Pi

So begins my journey into Raspberry Pi for use as a learning tool for code development (both web and otherwise).  The first thing that I tasked myself with was to get python and flask working.   269 more words

Raspberry PI

Why your auto insurance seems like it costs a fortune and what you can do about it

It’s that time of year, your auto policy is renewing and its time to pay your premium. With no claims, accidents or tickets you don’t expect much of a change. 664 more words

Auto Insurance

The perils of online shopping

Online shopping and I became fast friends early on in my first stint of maternity leave. After sensing my uneasiness about being away from a computer for long periods of time (absence from a computerised profession will do this to you), Dave arranged an iPhone for me. 497 more words


Gooseberry Update Pip

Pip has been on the Gooseberry feed since July 2014.  He is glossy and turning back to black after being so bleached out that he appeared to be a liver chestnut. 17 more words


9/25/14 – Day 7 – $65 Loss

This morning I saw that YHOO got downgraded. Expecting BABA to be strong this morning, I waited until there was no follow through in BABA to go short on YHOO. 125 more words


Know your blade 1 : Pip alignment

The following lines explain the two current pip alignments and how they affect the playing characteristics.

The vertical case ( 90° )

This pip geometry is used for most modern attacking rubbers like Tenergy 05/64 and Hurricane 3 Neo. 666 more words