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Hookah Pipes

Lots of shapes and sizes — and colors to choose from.


Korea Trip: Insadong

The hotel that my friend and I were staying at in Seoul was right in Insadong, which is one of the coolest shopping districts for foreigners. 165 more words


Is There a Limit to Human Knowledge?

The human brain is a wonderful thing. Scientists and pchycologists alike try to put physical limits like 2 thousand or even 1 million gigabytes. The truth is, the memory capacity of the human brain is almost limitless.  499 more words


Suspect a Gas Pipe Leak? Call a Long Island Emergency Plumber ASAP

In the case of minor gas leaks, contact an emergency plumber in Long Island, like the ones from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, once you’ve vacated your home. 52 more words

To Titanium or not to titanium..

Some of you may have already scrolled over these pics

And never stoped to read my short and to the point review of this bad boy, the Mori Design Raydiator air cooled titanium!! 413 more words


Recycled Art Show by the ReStore - 2014

I’m adding the full gallery since people like to look at the art and get ideas. It really is worth seeing in person though!


Pipe Smoker

“Good night Sir! I’m a photographer and I would love to take your photo…”

This gentleman was extremely polite, and, allowed me to take his photo. 11 more words

João Domingues