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Who buried South Stream and Why?: EU or Russia?

Zbigniew Brzezinski had once described Russia’s energy policy as an initiative “to separate the Central Europe from the Western Europe”; something able to divide Member States’ solidarity on the EU and NATO’s potential enlargement in the post-soviet space. 1,327 more words

International Relations

The Demonstration

I grew up in the hippy age, an age of demonstrations, some peaceful, some not so much.  Even though I witnessed some of these demonstrations or the aftermath of some not so peaceful, I never participated in one. 501 more words


$PSBoundParameters, Pipeline and the ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName parameter attribute

While using and abusing $PSBoundParameters in one of the my functions, I’ve encountered some strange and unexpected behaviour. If you pass an object via pipeline to a function which accepts parameters from an object properties using… 443 more words


Public Opposition

Check out THIS article from the New York Times. It covers an anti-Keystone XL concert that was held in September.

image source: http://www.nytimes. com/2014/09/30/us/keystone-xl-pipeline-nebraska-opponents.html?_r=1

TransCanada tries to give people the impression that their project is widely supported and clearly beneficial to everyone involved. 77 more words

Keystone Xl

Chef 12, Jenkins, and AWS Provisioning - part 1

This week I have been testing some new tools in our environment that are really going to be pivotal to our local development workflow as well as (long term) important to automate systems provisioning natively from chef. 1,443 more words


Flanagan South pipeline flies under media and green radar

With all of the attention the Keystone XL pipeline has been getting, according to National Public Radio (NPR) out of Chicago, one pipeline has been completed… 404 more words