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Girl Power c. 1170 (Hildegard von Bingen said it WAY before Pippi Longstocking did!)

“I am the sea and nobody owns me”
from the opening theme song “There’s Magic Everywhere”,
“Pippi Longstocking” (1997 animated musical film)

“O form of woman, sister of Wisdom, how great is your glory!” … 9 more words


Label Maker: Redhead

There are certain aspects of your life that are comprehensively defining. A label is often looked at as a negative thing, but it is nothing more than a partial explanation of the person you choose to be. 484 more words

Cultural Awareness

Sakletare / found treasures

- Jag är sakletare, säger Pippi en dag till Tommy och Annika. – En sakletare, vad är det för nånting, säger Tommy. – En som letar reda på saker vetja, säger Pippi.

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Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

This blog is dedicated to exploring Astrid Lindgren’s novel, Pippi Longstocking (first known as Pippi Långstrump in the original Swedish). It was created by Holly Guthrie as a final project for Professor Tomeo’s LIBR 268: The History of Youth Literature class through San José State University.



Moving Furniture by Myself

Why do I do it?
I move furniture by myself because I am stubbornly uncompromising when it comes to patriarchal submission. I would rather severely injure myself by dropping a 300lb desk or entertainment unit on top of me than ask a big strong man to help me. 472 more words

Yipppeeee...it's Pippi Longstocking...

Holaaaa….ada yang suka buku cerita Pippi Longstocking? Aku sukaaaa…ceritanya bener-bener “nyeleneh’ and Astrid Lindgren really built up a new set of ‘wonderland’  with wild monkey, horse and Villa Villekulla :)…well, at least for me ;) Then..agaiiin…as I’ve done it in a couple of weeks ago, I searched for it in my fave thrifty books website and found 3 books of Pippi :) 82 more words