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Captain Ditto meets Sister Snake in Pirate101

Still questing in Cool Ranch and Big Sky, Captain Ditto and crew battle fierce Sky Snakes to find a perfect egg, to summon ‘Sister Snake’… Well, they succeed only too well, and Sister Snake turns out to be something out of a B-Grade horror movie – yikes!! 31 more words


New Ditto's Video Bloggy Thingy - July 26 2014

Another exciting Video Bloggy Thingy!  OK, so it’s been a while, but I”ll try to do these more often, I really will.
Ditto talks about summer, twitter, new games, all kinds of stuff!


Captain Ditto gets his man... um, pearl... in Pirate101

Captain Ditto prepares to snatch victory from the jaws of his recent defeat at the hands of 2 — no, 20 — Black Storm Raiders.  Captain Ditto and his crew battle fiercely against the brutal Black Storm pirates and finally emerge victorious, collecting the final mystical pearl needed by the wise (and somewhat spooky) Brother Owl. 33 more words


Captain Ditto battles Black Sky Raiders in Pirate101!!

Captain Ditto and his trusty crew are hunting Black Storm raiders to collect these cool special pearls for that magic headdress thingy.  Check out the (mostly) awesome ship to ship combat – Ditto looks like he almost knows what he is doing…


Happy Birthday America!

4th of July In America

Happy Independence Day to all Americans everywhere!

Especially to our service men and women serving,
here and abroad!
To all those who support our military, 48 more words


Guest Post by D.S. Devereaux: Why Grizzleheim is P101's Next Big Priority

“We’ll have more to discuss soon, and I don’t want to Boar anyone with details, so let me just wish you the best of summer fun and offer a few words of guidance for the coming months: temperatures can sometimes be a Bear as summer moves along…” 595 more words


New Trivia Game? Where?!

News From KingIsle

Did you hear? FreeKI Games launched a new trivia system!  Many Wizard101 and Pirate101 players rejoiced because of the prize associated with passing a trivia quiz… Crowns! 284 more words