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A  documented  member  of  the  Grape  Street  Crips  has  been  arrested  again  for  the sales  of  pirated  music  CDs.  Some  people  just  never  learn.  It  seems  the  lure  of  easy  money  is  just  too  hard  to  resist. 106 more words


Pirating has become a major issue in the world that we live in today. With most of our media easily available on the internet, users are more inclined to actually “pirate” instead of buying it. 300 more words

Buying vs Pirating: Which One Makes You a Better Producer?

At some point in your music production career, you are going to realize one thing: production ain’t inexpensive.

Let’s just look at a set of prices of “mainstream” gear… 414 more words


Viacom Settles DMCA Suit With Google

Viacom has settled a long-running lawsuit against Google over alleged copyright violations. Viacom accused Google of violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by hosting protected content on the latter’s subsidiary YouTube. 311 more words