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Pain, Part 2

So the pain has lessened by more than half over the last ten-or-so days. An intense course of steroids seems to have done the trick, though I still wake up in the middle of the night with an agonizing cramp in my right leg. 531 more words

Upper Body Stretch Sequence

Side Bend

Stand straight with your hands above your head.

Slowly reach your hands to the right and hold for ten seconds, then straight up and pause, then go to the left and hold for ten seconds. 238 more words

Arm Circles

Pain in the Piriformis !

Good afternoon, my name is Jake Brougham and I am a sports & remedial massage therapist based on the Isle of Wight. Today i would like to provide you with an insight to the piriformis muscle, piriformis syndrome & sciatica, and how you can remedy this problem. 646 more words

Jake Brougham