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Organics + Resin (or Deco den)

I have been on semi organic diet since I’ve been discharge from the hospital. The Organic 5 Grain Rice is not my cup of tea but it is generally healthier than your regular white rice. 233 more words

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Self Diagnosis Fixed Back Pain

Sciatica pain struck me a few days before the Formula 1 trip. It persisted, lessening twice before resuming. I woke pain free today, 13 days after returning home. 298 more words

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I hate milk and I hardly drink it! I can only drink milk if its milkshake, mix with soup or other drinks (milo, coffee etc) but I never drink milk straight up because of its taste (rubbery)! 354 more words

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i’m exhausted, picking up the pieces from where i left off. that itself wasn’t exhausting, actually. i’m crumbling into pieces as i pick myself up piece by piece. 358 more words


My updated About Me page

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I have totally forgotten about the ABOUT ME page and finally updated to a 2014 page! 585 more words

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How to get through 9 - 10 hours a day at the computer

This post is directly related for people with back pain, slipped disc or herniated disc injuries and anything to do with spinal problems/aches!

I work as a full time designer and developer and my work hours are from 9am – 6pm. 490 more words


Slipped Disc Self Help

No doctors, physiotherapist, chiropractors or witch doctors can heal my problem so I had to do something about it before I become paralyzed. What’s worst… none of my friends, family or my loved ones really care about my health problem. 121 more words